• Cornholio

    Palena burger is out of this world!

    • Kev29

      Agreed – completely lives up to the hype

      • anon

        I’ve been wanting to try forever. One can just walk in around 6 and head to the bar?

        • Denizen of Tenallytown

          Yes, and there are two bars now – one in the old space, and one in the new. Burger is super-nommy. Now only if they’d bring back the veal hot dog…

          • ouch

            veal = misery. the misery of baby bovines confined to tiny boxes so they don’t move – often they can’t even stand up – and fed on milk only, and then killed while young, to yield the pale tender meat called veal. just sayin’. lots of good-hearted people who like veal, including me at one time, just have no idea where it comes from.

  • the burger had some curious hidden salt deposits but otherwise was very tasty and VERY filling – almost too much so.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve found the roasted chicken at Palena to be very overrated, on the other hand.

  • LA

    Gambas al ajillo…I soak up all that yummy garlic butter with their crusty white bread.

    Que Deliciosa!

  • anon

    Burger was good, but they wouldn’t let me put ketchup on it.

  • Mike

    I’m wondering: what kind of cheese is that? For $12 I would expect Gouda or at least Munster rather than processed ‘American’ cheese crap.

    It looks like they used two bun tops rather than a whole bun. Is that typical?

    Seems pretty pricey for what you get, and it doesn’t look terribly appetizing, either. What’s so special about the beef in this burger that it’s worth paying double the cost of a normal burger?

    • Anonymous

      yeah, but it comes with cauliflower. you can’t get that just anywhere you know.

  • Anonymous

    But Veal tastes sooo good!!!

  • Sottocenere al Tartufo cheese


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