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Lots of readers have been writing in about the following press conference:

WASHINGTON– On Wednesday, March 23, fired workers will present management at the Columbia Heights Chipotle with a letter demanding that they treat their workers like they treat their product: with integrity. The workers, who were suddenly terminated from the Columbia Heights Chipotle, are demanding the payment they should have received had they been allowed time to attempt to resolve the paperwork issues cited by management as the cause for their termination.

Workers, advocates, and DC council members will participate in a press conference in front of the Chipotle restaurant in Columbia Heights. Councilmembers will also announce their intent to introduce legislation that protects the fundamental rights of all Washington’s workers.


Press conference to denounce Chipotle’s mistreatment of workers.
· Jim Graham, DC Council Member
· Michael Brown, DC Council Member
· Workers fired from Columbia Heights Chipotle
· Emily Tulli, employment policy attorney, National Immigration Law Center
· Community Leaders, advocates, and union representatives will be available to conduct interviews.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011
12 – 1 p.m. EST


Columbia Heights Chipotle
3113 14th Street NW
Washington, DC
Columbia Heights Metro (Green and Yellow lines)


At the D.C. Columbia Heights Chipotle, a dozen workers were fired in one day — March 9th, 2011. They were taken into the back room during a 30 minute break and replaced with new employees before they could return to work their next shift. Many long-time workers — some who had worked at Chipotle for six years — were literally tossed out in the cold. They received no warning and no respect.

While it works to be an ethical company, Chipotle is setting a dangerously low standard for how it treats long-time employees. The workers were fired ostensibly due to errors found in their employment paperwork. These workers, many of whom had been loyal employees at DC-area Chipotle restaurants for years, were not given the opportunity to correct their paperwork, nor were they provided with notice that their termination was imminent. Mass firings have also taken place at the Woodley Park and Chinatown Chipotle restaurants, and firings at other area Chipotle restaurants are feared.


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