Dear PoP – Press Conference Today About Alleged Chipotle Mistreatment in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth March 23, 2011 at 11:00 am 94 Comments

Lots of readers have been writing in about the following press conference:

WASHINGTON– On Wednesday, March 23, fired workers will present management at the Columbia Heights Chipotle with a letter demanding that they treat their workers like they treat their product: with integrity. The workers, who were suddenly terminated from the Columbia Heights Chipotle, are demanding the payment they should have received had they been allowed time to attempt to resolve the paperwork issues cited by management as the cause for their termination.

Workers, advocates, and DC council members will participate in a press conference in front of the Chipotle restaurant in Columbia Heights. Councilmembers will also announce their intent to introduce legislation that protects the fundamental rights of all Washington’s workers.


Press conference to denounce Chipotle’s mistreatment of workers.
· Jim Graham, DC Council Member
· Michael Brown, DC Council Member
· Workers fired from Columbia Heights Chipotle
· Emily Tulli, employment policy attorney, National Immigration Law Center
· Community Leaders, advocates, and union representatives will be available to conduct interviews.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011
12 – 1 p.m. EST


Columbia Heights Chipotle
3113 14th Street NW
Washington, DC
Columbia Heights Metro (Green and Yellow lines)


At the D.C. Columbia Heights Chipotle, a dozen workers were fired in one day — March 9th, 2011. They were taken into the back room during a 30 minute break and replaced with new employees before they could return to work their next shift. Many long-time workers — some who had worked at Chipotle for six years — were literally tossed out in the cold. They received no warning and no respect.

While it works to be an ethical company, Chipotle is setting a dangerously low standard for how it treats long-time employees. The workers were fired ostensibly due to errors found in their employment paperwork. These workers, many of whom had been loyal employees at DC-area Chipotle restaurants for years, were not given the opportunity to correct their paperwork, nor were they provided with notice that their termination was imminent. Mass firings have also taken place at the Woodley Park and Chinatown Chipotle restaurants, and firings at other area Chipotle restaurants are feared.

  • Anonymous

    How about not lying on your paperwork? In the adult world, lying on a resume/employment questionnaire is grounds for immediate dismissal.

    If any of them come forward with valid citizenship or a green card, I’ll change my mind.

    • WDC

      Do you think if these folks don’t hold legal immigration status, they would be out drumming up publicity about the fact? Most immigrants, documented or not, are pretty paranoid about their paperwork. If they are really in the country without legal status, their first move upon being discovered would NOT be to call a presser.

      • Rat King of Dupont

        If that was the case, you’d think they would highlight that in this announcement.

      • Anonymous

        This is a union/special interest mobilization, the people fired aren’t leading this.

        • Bonely Herpesce

          GOOD! These workers should be unionized. They deserve proper health care benefits as much as anyone else, especially since our dumb ass government can’t seem to get its act together.

          • Thought

            Sick that Jim Graham is pandering to his voters… except they can’t vote. I’m not sure that is because of their age (and I’m not talking about the age one gets to vote), or their immigration status. Those of you that know Jim Graham know what I mean.

            Pandering Jim. Sometimes you need to laugh to keep from crying.

    • So, Just Sayin’

      How about also pointing a finger at the companies that hire unauthorized workers? They do it all the time and never PAY for it. They fire the workers and then get off scot free.

    • bad_e_bad

      Isn’t the fact that they are illegal prevent the applicability of legal protection? I’ll even concede the point. Pay back wages, do whatever, however, thereafter hire American citizens and legal residents before giving jobs to those who have broken laws to obtain them. It is not that American’s won’t do the work, it’s that they won’t do it for the wages being offered. There is a correlation between record profits, the decline of middle class income, and illegal immigration,

      Has anyone stopped by the Adams Morgan Chipotle? The staff went from what I presume 100% Mexican, to 70% young black American men and women. I could actually care less about the race, but in a town when we have 30% unemployment in our black community, I am a touch more worried about them finding employment rather than an illegal who simultaneous depresses wages and sends money abroad. It was awesome seeing young Americans getting jobs that previously went to those here illegally.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        “Isn’t the fact that they are illegal…”
        You couldn’t even make it through your first sentence without getting tripped up, and then proceeding to base your entire argument on an erroneous statement.

        Nobody stated any ‘fact’ about them being illegal. We could probably make that assumption, but it would be just that: an assumption. Generally makes me want to discount your entire comment.

      • schmiddi

        if you pay them american wages and if america stops subsidizing its farmers most americans would cry out loudly because of increasing prices for food and most other products.

        also, most of the workers in DC’s Chipotles were likley not Mexican but from Honduras or El Salvador. not everyone who looks Latin and illegal is from Mexico.

        btw, one of the US unions recently did a trial marketing strawberry picking jobs to US citizens … in the end, after thousands applied 3 took a job … and if i remember correctly they all quit after a couple of days actually doing the job.

        • Anonymous

          “one of the US unions recently did a trial marketing strawberry picking jobs to US citizens … in the end, after thousands applied 3 took a job … and if i remember correctly they all quit after a couple of days actually doing the job.”

          I would actually like to see a source for this.

        • Edward

          The jobs these illegals had are now being filled in DC bu legal workers, many of whom are black Americans. What do you say to a DC teenager frozen out of the job market because of illegals? Tough luck?

          • S

            You talk to feral teenagers!?

    • Dave

      Anon… The large scale “deception” was necessary… and on a fundamental level these people who worked at chipotle were dignified, responsive, worked hard, and seemed intent on proving their worth even at their modest job…

      Now? A mess… So that a bunch of incompetents can mismanage and resent their low income job.

      Moreover…do you know what it costs to become a legal citizen in America? THOUSANDS (You can thank the lawyers for that)… If they have a green card, they sure as shit won’t be coming here legally to stuff your tacos for you.

  • Me

    not to be cold hearted,

    but employment is AT WILL and they can fire you anytime, especially if your paperwork is messed up.

    what are the details here? maybe these were all illegals? WHO KNOWS

    point is that we know nothing but the bluster.

    you think that a business is happy to have mass firings and train new folks to do a job? hell no! that is money lost. believe me

    there must have been good reason. and even if not, its their right

    • So, Just Sayin’

      Employment wasn’t always at will. Maybe it shouldn’t be any longer.

      • Hokie in the Hood

        USSR failed. all you have left are N Korea (which is doing soooo well), and Cuba. Good luck with that.

        • VA Teck Sucks

          and just look what happened to Scandinavia and most of Europe! Everybody died…

          • Hokie in the Hood

            Yeah – that’s also working out well 20 years later. They are all even more bankrupt than the US.

            the fact that you can’t spell my school says volumes about the implied knowledge base behind your arguement

  • CH

    These workers were fired for what is called a “no match” which is when a company’s paperwork is audited by the Social Security and DHS to verify the legal status of their workforce. Chipotle did what they were LEGALLY require to do, they have no choice.

    I feel bad for these folks, but don’t blame Chipotle. Blame the federal government and our broken immigration system.

    Jim Graham is a piece of s+#t opportunist for using this to garner points with the Hispanic community.

    • YuppieHell

      For real, did you know if you lie on your government OF 612. It’s a feloney. I’ll bet a barabocoa that the reason for these firings is that the workers misrepresented their legal working status in this country. +1 Don’t Blame Chipotle, Blame the system.

    • E

      Yeah “no match” isn’t the most uncommon thing. That’s what happens when you use a fake SS. It can come randomly, and after years of working somewhere, but there’s not really much the company can do about it.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. The company was on notice that the feds were going to come through and kick its tires with inspections. Its options were pretty stark: get in compliance with federal law or do the “kind” thing and persist with known problems, only to face fines and possible prosecution when ICE came through and discovered these issues attaching to dozens of employees, apparently known to the corporation. Something tells me ICE would not have looked kindly on the corporate excuse of “We wanted to give them the opportunity to get their paperwork straightened up and are still waiting on that and promise we’ll take care of this once they’ve had their fair chance to get everything straightened up with us. Please come back in 2 months.” However unscrupulous-to-derelict Chipotle may have been in having improper documentation on some of these folks for (apparently) up to 6 years, it is doing the rational thing by cleaning up its act now, before ICE cleans up its act for it.

  • Lalaroo

    Oh no! I was wondering what had happened to the employees at the Columbia Heights Chipotle!I go there quite often, and when I went on March 13th literally everyone working there was new. I was really sad to see the hard-working, efficient employees that I’ve come to recognize and appreciate were not working – especially since the new employees were pretty much incompetent. I order online, and previous to this mass firing my order was ready on time without fail, and usually already made even if I showed up early. This time, with the new employees, they didn’t even start making my order until fifteen minutes after I arrived at the time I’d scheduled to pick up. It was really frustrating, and it was clear the new employees couldn’t handle the completely normal volume of customers.

    I’m really disappointed in the way this was handled on Chipotle’s end. They should have been given notice, and time to correct their documentation.

    I’m also sad on a personal level, because the employees that are no longer there were some of the friendliest, most professional employees I’ve encountered in DC. DC, in my experience, lacks a customer service culture, and many retail/food service personnel are unfriendly and rude, and that made these employees pretty special. The new cashier on March 13th was not friendly, and was rude to other customers (though not to me personally), and the service has definitely taken a hit overall.

    • bad_e_bad

      see my comment above.

      • Lalaroo

        I read your comment about how it’s great that more black people have been hired. Personally, I don’t care about the race of the employees, I care about the quality of the service. The service before – exceptional, especially for DC. The service now – on the same level as the rest of DC. That is to say, barely acceptable to downright rude.

    • Tres

      “the friendliest, most professional employees I’ve encountered in DC”


    • Rosie

      I went to Chipotle on March 13th and also was suprised to notice that the previously all Hispanic line-up was replaced with all black employees. It struck me as odd, but this explains it.

      I don’t see why everyone is assuming the previous employees were illegal immigrants just because of their race… none of us should jump to conclusions without knowing the truth behind the situation.

      • Dartagnan

        Rosie – you should also not jump to conclusions – I don’t think anyone is assuming that they were illegal immigrants just because of their race (so don’t assume that) – but maybe because they were fired for “problems with their paperwork”, someone with proper authorization to work probably would not have problems with their paperwork. I have difficulty understanding why a company would not bother to accurately check on their employees paperwork sooner, then this mass firing could have been prevented.

    • Girl on Kansas

      I had a similar experience going to Chipotle last week and realizing the incompetence of the new employees. I was 5th in line and it took nearly 20 minutes to get to the register (and not because there were lots of burritos being made but rather because of serious confusion). Then I went to pay for my steak burrito (which always totals $7.15), handed the guy $20.15, but because he’d only wrung up the $20, he handed back my $0.15, saying he didn’t know how to make change!

    • Anonymo

      Seems they did the same at the Golden Triangle location at M and 19th. Was there Monday late afternoon last week. They were having a hiring fair. 10 people there chatting with a young guy (I overheard him say he “runs all the DC locations”) plus 5 new people behind the counter. Lady at the first position forgot to put rice in my burrito. The others all had the standard new-person-too-nervous-about-putting-too-much-ingredient-in-the-burrito way about them.

      Cheers to Chipotle though. The people they hire are wonderful.

      • Anonymo

        OH – also: I paid $6.15 for my burrito and soda. Cash register person new as well.

  • Scott

    I assume “paperwork issue” is not that they fluffed their resume. There is a what, when, why but not a who. I’d like to know who is behind the “press conference”. What payment do that want to receive? If I don’t do my taxes I go to jail. If I drive without a license I get to go to court. I read on the PoP best advice you can “Success is 5% competence 95% compliance.”. I don’t think your have to be super competent at Chipotle but I bet you have to be compliant. As much as love giving the finger to the machine if you work for the circus you have to dance like a clown.

  • Rat King of Dupont

    I am all for punishing places that mistreat workers. But if the worst those holding this press conference can accuse Chipotle of is firing them “ostensibly due to errors found in their employment paperwork,” then I am less than swayed. I will temper my internet outrage until something actually unfair comes to light.

  • Max

    It is a no-win for Chipotle…either be fined by INS or do what they did. I am an employment lawyer and the no match program is designed to do exactly this. And frankly, the second employees have a press conference instead of just addressing the paperwork issue, I tune out. Devote your energy to meeting your own obligations, not vilifying a company for FOLLOWING THE LAW

    • CH

      INS doesn’t exist anymore. ICE and USCIS are the two successor agencies.

      • Styglan1

        Clearly a realy hot shot lawyer we got here, eh?

  • Bye bye Chipotle

    I’ll never eat at a Chipotle place in my life. Is not like it’s the only place where you can get burritos. I am sure that if there was an issue with the legal status of the workers they (Chipotle) knew it, or am I supposed to believe that an undocumented worker was able to fool this huge corporation? They were probably taking advantage of the workers until they were probably busted.
    Actually, since McDonalds, Taco Bell are also part of the same corporation, I’ll never eat there either and I’m already telling my friends about it.
    And yes, I was a big fan of Chipotle.

    • LisaT

      Actually, McDonald’s hasn’t had anything to do with Chipotle since around 2006. And Taco Bell is not affiliated with Chipotle, it’s a Yums brand.

      Though I wouldn’t recommend eating at a McDonald’s even if the “food” was free.

      • Dave

        For those who aren’t aware, YUM’s also owns 7-11 (fun fact)

    • CH

      Actually, people do fool big companies all the time. All you have to do is use a valid social security number with fake photo ID or other photo documentation. The only way the employer would find out is through a “no match” audit. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      FYI, I’m very pro-comprehensive immigration reform and strongly believe that we should give undocumented residents (those without criminal convictions) the opportunity to step forward, register, pay a fine (and any back taxes), and apply for legal permanent status after they’ve severed a 2-3 probationary period.

      • CH

        served… sorry

      • E


    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It is the fault of the employees, bad paperwork can be bad for the company. If illegal, or people with criminal background etc are representing chipotle, it can be bad for the stock holders, the company and many other employees with proper paper work.

    I support Chipotle’s move.

  • Your Mom

    Cherkis must be leading this.

  • Anonymous

    DC has generous unemployment insurance for those employees who were legally employed to begin with. If they were “no match” as mentioned above, then they probably aren’t legally entitled to unemployment compensation.

    Sorry but that’s the game you play when you decide to immigrate illegally to a foreign country to work.

    Our economic system has a lot of issues, but it surely isn’t set up to support millions of dollars in untaxed salary going to Latin America.

    Jim Graham is a total f-.

    • anon


      • So, Just Sayin’

        Don’t be stupid. It’s entirely rational to oppose illegal immigration and the displacement of US workers without being racist.

        • anon

          Yes it is! Go back to the Black Squirrel, you stupid bigot!

          • So, Just Sayin’

            The use of legal and illegal foreign labor has systematically displaced black workers from jobs at the low end of the labor market. Black workers were the overwhelming presence in agriculture — now they aren’t. The same is increasingly true for service jobs.

            Foreign labor comes in from many countries, Mexico and Latin America heavily, but also India, Far East Asia, etc.

            What’s happening is a structural problem that is deeper and more devastating than your simplistic critique of racism and bigotry. Big corporations want vulnerable, desperate labor. Poor white workers weren’t vulnerable and desperate enough, so they turned to blacks. As black workers have increasingly come to understand their rights and demand better treatment, these corporations have turned to foreign labor. Illegal immigrants are the perfect source of desperate, vulnerable workers, because they know that if they speak up they can be axed and, worse, reported to immigration authorities. Guest workers here legally are also vulnerable, because (for H-2B workers in unskilled, non-ag work) their ability to remain in this country and work is tied to that specific job — so if they want to leave or get fired, they must leave the country.

            Go deeper. Read. Learn. There’s so much more going on here than race. The current vulnerable underclass in the jobs is largely Mexican and Latin American, but tomorrow they could all be from Thailand or East Africa for all we know. And black workers in particular are cut out from work opportunities (and then shielded from the rest of the world by excessive incarceration).

            Wake UP.

          • TaylorStreetMan

            @anon: Turn your computer off. You’ve made an ass of yourself here. Twice.

            Nothing racist or bigoted about Just Sayin’s comments.

    • So, Just Sayin’

      Unemployment is insurance. You can get it whether or not you should have been allowed to work in the first place — basically, you already paid for it. Same with workers’ compensation.

      As for money going to Latin America — that’s actually the sort of thing we probably should do, though not in the form of remittances. If folks agree that there’s a problem with illegal immigration, the solution is to do something about the reason so many people are leaving Mexico. They can’t make a living there. And the US has had a lot to do with that — killing their financial system during the Mexican bank bailout many years ago, plus NAFTA destroying their agriculture. Sending some dollars down there to help them rebuild their economies would be a smart thing to do.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Workplace enforcement operations – where a business is approached by the feds and directed to produce documentation for its workers – have increased dramatically over the past few years. Whatever your view on what immigration law should be, Chipotle and other businesses have to comply with the law as it exists. And the law as it is says you can’t hire people who are in this country illegally.
    There have been plenty of news reports about Chipotle’s all over the country getting busted for having workers that are in this country illegally. Not surprising that it’s happening here.
    This press release has all sorts of wiggle words: The employees wanted time to “attempt to resolve” the paperwork issues. Does that mean that they have documentation proving that they are here illegally? Or, given the fact that removal from the country can take weeks, months, or years, did they just want to be able to keep working until they were officially deported? What “corrections” did these employees have to make on their paperwork? Can’t an at will employer fire someone for lying on their employment paperwork regardless of the explanation?

    • DCster

      If the workers were dismissed without a chance to prove their qualifications to work, then I think Chipotle is in the wrong. That said, if the workers provided false or incorrect information on their applications, then workers are in the wrong. Considering the restaurant was under ICE investigation, it doesn’t seem that unlikely that whatever authorizations the workers used to get the jobs were inadequate, if not fraudulent.
      If the workers used fake social security numbers, I wouldn’t necessarily jump on Chipotle’s case, but if the restaurant was tacitly employing people in violation of the law, then it is just as much at fault.

  • Ray

    I was in a Chipotle recently and noticed a change in the composition of their workforce. Let’s just say that they were not nearly as efficient or diligent.

  • ICE

    I don’t think Chipotle has much of a choice–blame ICE or the workers but it looks like Chipotle is being investigated all over the country.


  • Rant on crazy posters

    For posters so negative about Chipotle -do you actually think they mass fired so many of their efficeint staff of 6 years in one day because they don’t care? Or is it more likely, as a few employment lawyers posted, this action was required by law due to an INS mismatch?

    Chipotle very likely did not want the expense of re-hiring and re-training so many employees all at once. It has kept them for lots of years already and thus the relationship seemed to be working. Nor do they want the bad customer service due to the delays associated with new employee learning curves mentioned by another poster.

    “Bye Bye Chipotle” posts anger at being associated with fast food chain ownership that is, well, innacurate and besides the point anyway. And anger that Chipotle took advantage of hiring employees that were illegal? Really? Giving jobs to those who might be illegal is taking advantage of them? Hiring mostly workers from South and Central America is taking advantage? Note that nobody has yet to mention there was a complaint about low wages and they want their jobs back. What world does he live in to now claim he won’t eat there?

    Anyway -I feel that many posters have an agenda and have decided who is right and wrong regardless of facts. Kind of like our news shows that are biased. This is scary but a sign of our times. What I know (as a frequent diner there) is the employees worked well, seemed happy and were there a long time and want their jobs back. The place is always crowded so people like the food. Chipotle is rectifying an INS issue that likely they wish never occurred. Chipotle food, if chosen well (ie burrito bowl vegi or chicken without sour cream or cheese) is very healthy and a great cheapt alternative to fast food joints. It is also staffed by workers from central and south america. Not sure about all this evil commentary. I hope the workers are able to fix the INS error and get re-hired as it is clear they were liked and that they liked their jobs.

    • Tres


  • UK Wildcat

    I noticed a distinct change in the service and product at the Woodley Park location as well. The service was slower; the burritos were not as well put together (and smaller); the steak and chicken were undercooked.

    Chipotle may be trying to do right by ICE/INS, but they may get themselves in hot water with DC’s health or food safety department.

    • Tres

      Same here. I noticed new staff at the Dupont location, and they were not very on the ball. I had to correct two of them (cashier and one of the makers) for things they forgot to do.

      Regardless of the reason for the firings, this is really sad for all the employees that spent so long working there.

    • bad_e_bad

      Right, lets not try to fix the service problem, but fire American citizens, and hire illegals for less wages. Awesome idea.

  • victoria

    I just walked by around 12:15 and nothing much organized was going on yet. About 30 people were gathered & chanting. (I don’t speak Spanish so I don’t know what they were saying.)

    About 10-12 photographers & press types, no JG yet.

  • joker

    Chipotle has been in hot water nationally with ICE because of all the illegals they’ve hired and who currently work for them. Sounds like they are just doing now, what they should have done before they were hired.

    Yes, sad that someone is fired but lets be honest, they should have never been hired, they aren’t legal, end of story.

    In a related note, expect chipotle prices to climb next year more than they typically do in a calendar year.

  • james

    The quality of service at the CH Chipotle has decreased significantly since the firings. The service is a hell of a lot slower and the food isn’t quite as good (the veggies in my burrito were significantly underdone, which is basically like eating slices of raw onion).

    I’m for bringing back the old employees on that basis alone—or finding a different set of new staff who are capable of delivering service and speed on the same level as it used to have.

    • Rosie

      Agreed. They probably had to hire whoever applied if they needed that many people on short notice. They may not have been trained well either.

      • Anonymo

        I sat next to an interview at lunch last week. Took about 3 minutes and the guy was hired.

        “Why did you move to DC?”
        “What do you do in your spare time?”
        “Do you want mornings or nights?” (they start work at 7–didn’t know that)
        “Is [low] dollars an hour ok?”

  • Anonymous

    I hope the first question asked of Graham is when is the council and mayor going to start treating the taxpayers of DC with integrity?

  • What about those with legitimate paperwork errors?

    For years I received occasional letters from SS regarding inconsistences with my number.

    Turns out a I had transposed two numbers at a job back when I was a teenager.

    Its does happen you know.

  • Kenny

    People, we are turning into sheep. We don’t even know the details of the firings and we’re getting all fired up.

    GET ANGRY! – or – Ask questions.

    Wish I could have attended Graham’s hoohaa session. Would have loved to blast him with some ?s.

  • DCster

    This reminds me of the whole Sulaimon Brown fiasco. People said Brown wasn’t treated with respect when he was fired, and yet there were questions about him not being candid about his record when he applied for the job. The mayoral administration was probably at fault for hiring him in the first place, but then some people were still upset when they fired him too. It’s a no-win situation.

  • Ruby

    Save the outrage. As has already been said, do you really think a company would get rid of an entire group of employees simply because it was heartless, and for no reason?

    But, frankly, even if they did – so what. A business’s job is to run a business, and if it wants to fire its employees (unless it is truly based on discrimmination), it should be able to do so whenever and however it wants. Nobody is entitled to a job – just the equal opportunity to get one. Go ahead – fire away.

    And to Jim Graham – cut it out. If you think nobody can see through your transparant efforts to pander by claiming outrage solely for the chance to show your red face, angry eyes and bow-tie for a media sound-bite, you’re a bigger fool than you look.

  • Lalaroo

    Sure, nobody is entitled to a job. But neither is a business entitled to do whatever it likes without any criticism. If a business “running its business” upsets its customers, then those customers are doing the business a favor by saying so rather than by just no longer patronizing the business without explanation.

  • burrito

    I was at the Woodley Park location approximately two weeks ago and had the worst service/experience I’ve ever had. Burrito was garbage, service was terrible. I called and spoke to a manager who informed me that they were training new workers. Who trains new workers at 6:30pm during the week?Trial by fire=fail. Not going back until my workers know what pico de gallo is.

    I’ll drive to Qdoba, where at least I can get queso on y burrito.

  • hungeegirl

    i was just at the south dupont location about an hour ago. the line, which usually moves at a rapid pace, took a half hour to get through. all the former employees were gone and were replaced by incompetent fools. my barbacoa was COLD, they hardly put any meat on it (and no, i’m not paying extra for more meat just so i can have the amount i used to get before) and the tortilla was cold and brittle. i am never going back to that chipotle again. my waistline will thank me but my tasebuds are depressed

    • Tres

      Smile and nicely ask for a little more meat. They’ll do it. Don’t be a pain — just straight forward and nice.

      I’m actually really impressed by how worked up you are about this. It’s how I get when I get shoddy bar service. “My liver will thank me…”

      • hungeegirl

        i’d take that advice if the same people were still working there…sadly they are not and i wont be returning…more problems than just no meat unfortunately

  • quincycyclist

    So Chipotle isn’t actually checking anyone’s SSNs or paperwork in the first place? They just hire people and then if ICE comes knocking they fire everyone? Reap the rewards of those employees and then throw them out on the street when you have no use for them. Awesome practices.

    • 11th

      did you read the article and any of the comments above? i think you can be angry at chipotle, but you’re getting upset and sarcastic without actually paying attention.

    • CH

      No. The workers used valid numbers but that don’t belong to them. Only an audit by the Gov will turn up multiple workers using a SS number. Chipotle’s hands are tied on this, they are legally required to terminate the employees.

  • rooty tooty

    They took errr jobs!

  • GESD

    You people talk so much, this is very simple.

    If any of you were taken a side in your job and told there is a mistake in your paperwork, “So you are fired.” What would you do?

    This would be exactly the same case. You have the right to check your paperwork, correct the mistake, or simply leave your job.

    These people were given no options but treated different. Why? Because they look different and the assumption is they are illegal, and thrown in the street.

    If that was the reason, mark my words. Maybe one day you will look different to somebody and this could/will happen to you or your children…

  • jellyroll

    if these people really had to fix their paperwork they should have done it earlier.
    sure, mistakes can happen with numbers and things even when people seem to look it over, but COME ON!! with that many no matches…doesn’t it make sense?

    what about illegal doesn’t make sense here?

  • Edward

    In DC elected officials side with illegals.

  • Peter

    This article is amazing and gave me a whole new insight into immigration. Granted, the article focuses on farm labor, but the general theme is valid for this discussion.


  • RD

    I don’t really care about the legal status of my burrito maker as long as he/she can pack it full and roll it as tight as a Cuban cigar.

  • Thought

    For those of you defending the workers, I am curious how you would feel if somebody stole your social security number. Have you any idea what it can do to your credit score?

    I challenge each of you to post your number, for the world to see, and use, right here on http://www.princeofpetworth.com. Simply use the reply feature below this post. Go ahead now. We are waiting.

  • Shawn

    Yeah I’ve been noticing some, um, really inefficient workers at Chipotle recently too…..

  • GESD

    Racists. Everyone deserves the benefit of doubt. Even a killer get their day in court.

    You just point out things not being discussed here like stolen SS#. Maybe your sister stole it. It is always easer to hit the weak ones.

    When you respect other people’s rights, then you can ask for yours. Grow up.

    • Thought

      Are you seriously suggesting that these people didn’t know they were using stolen SSNs???


  • Anonymous

    To all the people complaining about the new hires, stop, think. If lots of experienced people were just fired, then lots of new inexperienced people had to be hired and, probably, rushed into the job. There may not even be enough experienced people to teach the new folks.
    Give them a chance to learn. If they’re still terrible in a month or so, then complain.

  • BobMcFadden

    I love that Graham and Brown can take time out of their busy schedules to attend this waste-of-time press conference, but are too busy to attend Cheh’s dog-and-pony show (which Catania OWNED) the other day on possible malfeasance by Vincent Gray.

    Way to go elected officials!


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