Friday Question of the Day – Should all Restaurants be Kid Friendly?

“Dear PoP,

I took both my girls for their birthday dinner at Palena Cafe (the new part) yesterday. One daughter turned one, the other turned seven – it was the seven year olds choice (she loves it.) Anyway, I guess we usually don’t take the one year old so I was surprised when I asked for a high chair, they said they didn’t carry them. So I guess that’s a blatant message that they don’t really want kids eating there. Which is strange because the staff has always been very nice to our kids. The other thing I noticed is that the new cafe part was pretty empty but they tried to seat us in the old area – I said I wanted to be seated in the new area and they obliged but I still left feeling a little like the unwanted guest. On a positive note, they gave both girls lovely desserts and the works but that again leads me back to why they wouldn’t be more kid friendly with the high chairs. And the fact that they really weren’t that packed seems like it would be a nice option for all the young families around (who trust me – eat on the early side and wouldn’t really interfere with the dinner crowd.)”

Hmm, this is an interesting question I’ll throw out to everyone for the Friday Question of the Day – should all restaurants be kid friendly? What exactly does kid friendly mean? Do you think it is ok to bring young kids to a nice restaurant if it is before 8pm? Or should young kids not go to “nice” restaurants no matter the time? Are there different expectations with a “white table cloth” restaurant and a cafe? At what age is it ok take kids to “nice” restaurants? I know we’ve spoken before about folks who’ve been irritated by crying babies in bars – what’s the proper etiquette for restaurants?

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