Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I have a hideous awning hanging over the front door. I cannot remove it without some plan because there is a big concrete slather over the brick underneath where it hangs.

I had planned to take it down and have the house painted which would mask the concrete slather a bit, but the thread last week has scared me away from that now.

I did some googling and saw a concave metal awning that I love and I think I will replace with that, get a new door (which I wanted anyway but needed to work out the awning situ first) and add window boxes.

All that said, I have three questions for your readers…

Has anyone dealt with this awning issue and what did they do?
And are there any recs for a place in the area where I can get the new awning?
Any recs for a place in the area where I can get a door like the one in the new awning pic? I would prefer to avoid HD or Lowes if possible.”


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