Dear PoP: “random act of kindness – please help me find the person who helped me!”

Photo by PoPville flickr user mosley.brian

“Dear PoP,

This morning I was on the G8 bus on Rhode Island Avenue and got off at Florida and Rhode Island. I then proceeded to transfer to the 92 along Florida Avenue and almost had a heart attack when I realized I could not find my wallet!!!. I got off the bus two blocks into my trip and retraced my route back to RI and FL but could not find my wallet. I saw this guy walking along RI, stopped him and asked him if he had seen an orange wallet on the sidewalk. He said no and then I briefly explained what had happened. At this point I briefly saw the G8 going on 9th Street and wondered if I would be able to recover my wallet. The guy in front of me dug into his pockets and gave me the $6 he had on him and wished me good luck trying to hail a cab and getting my wallet. There was hardly any traffic and the only cab that went by did not want to pick me up but I was able to convince him when I mentioned my lost wallet. The race was on!. The cabbie went down 9th and no sign of the bus, we then hit H Street and we saw the bus on 12th St, the cabbie hit the gas and we were able to cut off the bus at 13th and H. I got off the cab (the bus driver thought we were nuts) and asked if anyone had seen my wallet, I went to the seat where I had been sitting and that was now occupied by someone else, the guy got up and there it was!!!! My wallet!

I would love to find the guy who lent me the $6 to thank him immensely for the huge favor and for his kindness, I could have been a delusional woman asking for money and he had pity on me.

You have my email and if he reads this I just want to say : THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

So awesome!

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