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Vote Tiyani Hutchinson

by Prince Of Petworth November 4, 2010 at 1:30 pm 18 Comments

Tiyani, the third from the left

From an email:

“Tiyani Hutchinson of Alexandria, VA is one of 20 finalists competing in the Screen Gems/MTV Burlesque Dance contest. Tiyani beat out other local dance hopefuls by performing the best family friendly routine to a one minute song clip from Burlesque to be able to compete nationally for the $5,000 Grand Prize and a spot on MTV. She is competing against 20 other people from cities like Seattle, Phoenix, Detroit and Atlanta to name a few. People can vote for Tiyani by logging on to http://burlesque.mtv.com and click on her video.”

  • Native American JD

    I’d prefer to vote for the fourth from the left.

    • ro

      i’m voting for the one in the middle

      • Linds

        cause the contest is for hottest chick?

        See above post. Two men photographed: no sexual comments. See every post with men photographed: no sexual comments. See any post with a picture of any woman in any context: sexual, judgemental comments. Shame on you.

        • Native American JD

          my apologies. it was meant in jest, not misogyny.

          but a fair point.

        • Anonymous

          U R cute when you get mad.

        • Tres

          To be fair, it is a burleque contest. Shame on us if it were a chastity contest. Although I would like to judge women’s comparative abilities to not yield to temptation…

          • TaylorStreetMan

            +1. It’s a flippin’ contest to see who dances most seductively, for chrissakes! Immediate thought in head (everybody’s): SEX.

            I guarantee you that if the post were to pick the sexiest DC fireman, we’d get an earful!

            Is it lonely way up there on your high horse?

          • TaylorStreetMan

            (High horse comment directed at Linds, not Tres, who I agree with)

        • Anonymous

          is sex shameful?
          how quaintly puritanical of you.

  • saf

    “Family friendly” burlesque? Uh?

    • El Gringo


      • saf

        Maybe it’s burlesque that’s designed to make you want to work on expanding your family? That’s all I got.

        • Linds

          “Burlesque” means entertainment that’s a parody or contains some sort of exaggeration. The “titty show” burlesque is fairly new, and it’s showing one part of a form of entertainment that used to include many other parts. Their dancing is probably Broadway musical-style, exaggerated, over the top entertainment- not stripping.

          Now put your penis back in your pants.

          • saf

            As soon as I acquire one, I’ll do that. (Sings King Missile songs.)

            Seriously, I have always thought of burlesque as vaudeville, and I just think of the dancing part of that as more suggestive than Broadway.

          • ah

            SAf – check the medicine cabinet. You leave it there sometimes.

        • victoria


  • the gup

    is it me or do the cheerleader bookends have extremely large heads?


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