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Good Deal or Not? “Versatile layout” edition (Reader Request)

by Prince Of Petworth November 4, 2010 at 1:00 pm 18 Comments

This home is located at 106 3rd St NE:

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The flier says:

“This sweet 2BR 2.5BA 4lvl TH is just blocks from the action! Charm in every nook-gorgeous HW floors, built-in bookcases, exposed brick, stained glass, slate patio, fireplace, eat-in kitchen & 2 balconies. Versatile layout:1br/den/frml dining rm or 2brs/frml living rm. No location is better-steps from Capitol/LOC/Supreme Ct/Congress/Stanton Prk/Eastern Mkt/2 metros! Must see!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

The reader writes:

“I can’t get over looking at the listing for this house. Great location. Great stained glass and other original detailing. And on the tiniest postage stamp of a lot I’ve ever seen. The listing claims a 288 square foot lot; it also claims that the four-story house is 1500 square feet, so obviously one of those numbers is incorrect, but still: tiny. I’m curious whether other PoP readers think the location and curb appeal are worth having a bedroom three floors up from the laundry closet and rooms where you can touch both walls.”

This is a wild one! I’ve def. featured the stained glass before so I was psyched to get a peek inside. I freaking love it. So it’s no surprise that it is under contract already. What do you guys think? Would it be a pain going up and down the stairs? Was this 2 bed/2.5 bath a good deal for $485,500? Do you think it went for more?

  • Petworth Res

    I really like this house and I think it has a lot of charm. I don’t think you’re really getting a deal, but I’d buy it at that price and live there for years. Very cute house!

    • Anonymous

      I have the opposite opinion– I think it’s a great deal but whoever moves in will probably get frustrated with the layout and not stay long.

  • Darth Fabulous

    Cute place. A little cozy, but a good price, especially for that location. And the stairs keep your butt toned.

  • Anonymous

    Cheaper than any condo with similar space and it is sooooo cute. Kitchen in the basement is a little odd, but I think a lot of Cap Hill row houses are that way. I’d probably turn the second floor into the main bedroom and use the top floor for guests/den. If I didn’t already have 2 kids and a huge dog, I’d buy it

    • mouse

      I’ve probably seen 50-75 houses on Capitol Hill (maybe more) and I’ve never seen the main kitchen in the basement. I guess with such a small lot they can only fit one room on each level. I’m impressed they were able to squeeze in 2.5 baths– you usually don’t see that many, even in the larger Hill rowhomes.

      In the past year and a half I’ve been looking, I’ve never seen a house in good shape for under $500k in this neighborhood. I think this is a great deal for someone who doesn’t need much space and likes climbing stairs!

      • mappo

        I live on the hill, and I know of 3 houses on my block alone that have the kitchen in the basement. It’s quite common. Not saying I’m a fan, just that it’s common.

        • mouse

          Huh, I guess the ones I’m looking at just have more space on the main level. I would go crazy having the kitchen in the basement!

  • Saw it

    I looked at this house one day after it went on the market, and it went under contract the next day. It is definitely quirky … four small boxes stacked on top of each other with no hallways. The kitchen is in the basement and has the feel of a ship galley. Everything is in small proportion. I felt a bit woozy standing on the slightly-leaning-forward third floor balcony. It would be perfect for a small single person (the rooms are tiny and the guest bath”tub” is about 1/2 the size of a normal one). No parking, but the adjacent supreme court lot is free on evenings and weekends. Lots of curb appeal.

    That said, it is in an awesome location and would probably be perfect for the right person. I’d say it goes for higher than list, having recently lost a house near this location in a bidding war.

  • Well

    Since there are 2br/2ba going for 500k throughout the city, yeah I’d say this is a good deal. Might not be the ideal location at all, but for the average DC person, thats one of the best. Close to the Red/Orange/Blue, NOMA, H Street, Union Station, the Capitol, Eastern Market. Undeniably one of the best deals Ive seen.

    I thnik its possible it went for over 500

  • capitolhillgirl

    I grew up right around the corner on A st and always loved that balcony on the top floor. I tried to create my own outside my bedroom by hanging out on the rear fire-escape! (Not quite the same) Also, 2.5 baths is impressive for that space. I think it is a great deal.

  • jcm

    I really like it, but there’s no way that house has 1500 sq ft. The city tax records say it’s 992, which sounds about right.

    • Anonymous

      Are you sure that’s not the lot size?

      • mappo

        The lot really is only 288 sf – it’s 16’x18′ – so just under 1000 sf sounds right for four floors.

  • I walk my dogs by this house every day and it needs A LOT of exterior masonry work.

  • Scott

    I really like this house.

  • Q-Street

    It’s a deal even if it’s only 888 sqft. With that location, a roof and a bathroom is all you would need to sell something nat $485k. I would buy that in a heartbeat if it wasn’t under contract – masonry work needed and all.

  • Sully

    I am a little unconventional so I like it alot. Good deal!

  • dc_publius

    It’s not a house, it’s a condo equivalent.

    I generally like these sorts of small spaces, but I don’t like this one. The layout is way to cramped. Sure, you may have 10 floors, but you can barely fit a couch and TV on any of these floors. You’ll be sitting 5 feet in front of your TV and walking sideways by the couch.

    I would rather buy a condo in that area for that price. You will get more for your money, IMO.


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