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Update on Chocolate City Beer Coming to Brookland/Edgewood Border

by Prince Of Petworth November 29, 2010 at 10:10 pm 28 Comments

We first spoke about this new micro-brewery coming to DC back in July ’10. Last week I stopped by the amazing space located on the 2800 block of 8 St, NE and chatted with one of Chocolate City Beers’ partners, Jay Irizarry. Let me first say that the space is amazing. It is still getting a bit of work done but you can get an idea of how cool it is and will be. Rumor has it that it was once the spot where stone was cut for the nearby basilica. Naturally the folks from Chocolate City Beer will one day offer stonecutter beer. I’m gonna post a ton of pictures after the jump that will give you a taste of just how sweet this spot is.

But back to the brewery. Number one – the space is going to be used for a production brewery only. It is possible that in the future there could be some sort of brew pub on the second floor but there are no plans for that in the short/near term. It would obviously require multiple permits and approvals. At the moment they hope to produce 20-40 kegs a week with the first one going out in March (if all goes well). You’ll be able to find Chocolate City Beer kegs at many neighborhood bars around town. I’ll update a full list when the first kegs are shipped. One final cool element about the building is that they’ll be growing hops up the back of the building and will possibly have bees on the roof.

I think I speak for many when I wish them Godspeed. And of course updates will follow when warranted.

Back of building where hops will grow.

Lots more photos, including inside, after the jump.

Rumored to be the spot where stone was cut for the nearby basillica

Jay Irizarry

first floor

first floor future keg storage

Second floor. No immediate plans for a brew pub but in the future if one were to emerge it would be on the second floor.

Super cool old fireplace on first floor. All stone.

Second floor looking onto csx tracks.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that spot right off the Met Branch Trail? I thought that it’d make a nice bike shop.

    Then again, bike shop next to a brewery… any investors?

    • from what i’ve understood, this property and others to the north of it refused to give the MBT an easement to continue the trail north of franklin, which is why it goes on street here. i’m assuming that ownership was before these guys.

  • briefly

    Can’t wait till Courtland Milloy hears of a white guy (at least in the photo) using the name Chocolate City in anything.

    • Petworther

      Ha! That guy is crazy. Though, strangely, I’m not as offended by his outlandish sensitivity as I am by his bad writing.

    • gup


    • Louiedelphonic

      That is NOT a “White Guy”, he is American and definitly not cool to judge or assume that a person is a “White Guy” because he or she has a caucasion complexion. I actually know that young man and he is not what you call a “White Guy”, But a “Nice Guy” who is part of a great idea and company named, Chocolate City Beer and might I add is a very clever name, get over it! I think the word your looking for is Envy..

      • Anonymous

        Ok, he’s Basque.

  • Is Godspeed a good thing?
    me thirsty.

  • anon

    I’m excited to try their beer, but they really should change their name. Beyond the fact that some people might be offended, it might also confuse some people into thinking they are getting a chocolate stout

    • Kev29

      As noted below, they have a whole bunch of people from different racial backgrounds in the operating group. I don’t think there’s anything offensive about the name – though you make a good point about the stout implications.

  • hmmm

    please stop. we had the “they should change the name” outcry on the last post. they are not going to change the name.

  • Yuppiehell

    DC is called Chocolate City no reason why two white guys can’t call it by the city’s name. That’s like saying white people can’t Merdian Park Malcolm X park. Its stupid.

  • Petworthian

    It’s not just white guys involved with the brewery. So shut it.

    • Anonymous

      Yep. They have a Basque.

  • Eric

    All I know is i dont want the hops grown in soil next to train tracks that have been in use for 100+ years. Yum.

  • If Dodge City is owned by white people, should that name also be changed, since it comes from a Go-Go song? For that matter, should we ban all white rock musicians who play music derived from blues or funk? Gimme a break.

  • Melissa Gilbert

    I have one thing to say…”Washington Redskins”

    • Mike

      No, Landover Snyderskins

      • Anonymous

        Brookland Basques

  • Soren

    jesus christ, give me a fricken break with the name crap again. You know what? I find the washington nationals to be an offensive name, because they’re from canada. But what really gets my goat is that Jay stole that wooden fold-up chair and that table from Wonderland and I could use them for my fire pit. I hope there’s a caramel county beer, cuz that’d make it even more interesting…peanut precinct… just make a fricken snickers beer already.

    • Soren

      also agreed, how can you be offended by chocolate city (a pfunk album honoring DC) and be a redskins fan. kind of a dichotomy, don’t you think?

      • Anonymous

        i think hypocrisy is the word you are looking for.

    • Daddy

      Mmmmmmmm, Snickers Beer.

    • Petworthian

      Ha ha way to begrudge the one tiny piece of furniture they have in there.

  • Rrrrrrrr

    i love the name; just like i love the idea of a White Boy Stout; or a Thug Life Lager; I’m also disapointed Obama did not check ‘mixed race’ on his cencus form (he still is half-half, despite his moving to choc city, no?)

  • Louiedelphonic

    I agree that there is no problem with the name. The name is a great fit, and for anyone who enjoys watching the REDskins play football shouldn’t have a negative comment regarding chocolate city beer. Because we all know the REDskins helps the “white man” for what? So they can get run out of town and have a NFL team named in honor of that great cause. Seriously, its a great name and I hope they do well! It is 2010 we need to get off of the racism and color ish, we need to grow and move forward not backwards!



  • Louiedelphonic

    Typo in message “helps” should be “Helped”

  • Louiedelphonic

    Lol, Regardless it’s about beer and damn good beer at that!


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