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“…the teacher punched the student in the mouth”. Wait, Say What!?!

by Prince Of Petworth November 5, 2010 at 10:00 am 14 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user amarino17

This is one of the crazier crime reports I’ve ever read. From MPD:

“On Thursday, November 4, 2010, at 7:06 p.m. an Aggravated Assault offense occurred in the 4400 block of Connecticut Ave., N.W. (PSA 203) and was subsequently reported to the MPD.

The victim reported that while playing with his teacher, he attempted to snatch the teacher’s hat from his head. In response, the teacher punched the student in the mouth causing him to lose a tooth. The MPD responded to the scene and the teacher was arrested. This is a closed case.”

What school is up there? Do you think this was at UDC or is there a high school nearby?

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  • Tim

    Wilson HS is temporarily in the UDC building just south of Yuma and Connecticut during the rennovation of the Tenleytown campus.

  • Smoove T

    The school of hard knocks, apparently.


  • anon

    “The victim reported that while playing with his teacher”

    What were they playing?

    • anon

      Patty cake… Rodger Rabbit style.

    • David H.

      They were obviously playing “If you can take my hat from me, I will punch you in the mouth.” Time-honored game of chance.

  • Annie

    Edmund Burke is only a few blocks away from UDC, too.

  • Mike

    There is another school in that block:
    Rock Creek Academy
    4401 Connecticut Ave, NW, DC 20008 202.378.1400
    Welcome to Rock Creek Academy, where we offer full time permanent and interim special education services to students ages 5-22 with a variety of disabilities.

    • It was actually right outside Rock Creek Academy, and art teacher, Joe Coleman, was the arrested.

  • Maire

    Yeah, it was RCA!

  • andy

    This is why you brush, floss, and drink milk, kids.

  • Greg

    That will teach em.

  • Dago5

    This is a pure guess, but i’m going to assume that there are other factors involved in this case and the kid probably deserved it.

    I base this on nothing but a hunch considering the Tenley school requires cops on the sidewalk every day when classes let out…

  • savannah f



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