Scuttlebutt: Old Lambda Bookstore Space Becoming a Comfort One Shoes

by Prince Of Petworth November 9, 2010 at 12:30 pm 25 Comments

Thanks to a reader for writing in and letting me know that the old Lambda Rising Bookstore space at 1625 Connecticut Ave, NW was getting fixed up. While only scuttlebutt at the moment, it seems that the space is going to be filled by a Comfort One Shoes. That seems a bit odd considering Comfort One Shoes is closing a space just down the block at 1607 Connecticut Ave, NW. Well not the most exciting news but there you have it. More info as it becomes available.

  • b

    and there’s another comfort one across the street, at hillyer and connecticut!

    • h

      and another about 10 storefronts down toward the Circle.

  • fl

    You can never have too many comfort one shoe stores.

  • Tres

    You know, I never could find what I was looking for among all the Comfort Ones on Connecticut. And if I did find it, it was only available in a size smaller.

  • 8==D

    Comfort One rocks! I’ve gotten some great shoes there.

  • Rehead

    It’s getting to the point where they should rename Dupont North Comfort One Shoes.

  • Max

    LOL, there are 2 others ont he same block and one across the street. It’s like Starbucks.

    • Anonymous

      yes, an one is moving. there will still be 2.

  • EPF

    I’m thinking Comnfort One must own a lot of commercial real estate

  • Mark-star

    Lambda Rising was a local landmark. I remember when Johnathan Lambda first arrived in town many, many years ago. We were roommates for a little while.

    • ??


      • saf

        “Johnathan Lambda?”

  • Squirrelero Diablito

    Yeah, a landmark it was — the Lambda store was also converted into a lingere store for Will Smith movie Enemy of The State, I remember right.. That always seemed mildly ironic to me.

  • CA

    Dead gays are rolling over in their graves…if shoes are what the people of Dupont demand these days, couldn’t they see if Louis Vuitton or Givenchy were interested?

    • Halston


  • super_b

    I kindof thought that something of a similar nature would go back in that spot, given that it was such an iconic place and well supported by the Dupont community. BTW, has anyone ever purchased shoes from Comfort One? I went in there once to look for some old-school Chuck Taylors and they wanted $90. I found them at a sports store for $35.

    • C

      Their shoes never looked very comfortable to me…

    • Shoz

      I just purchased a pair of shoes from Comfort One. They analyzed how I distribute my weight and the impact on my feet using some machine. It was pretty cool. From that analysis they sold me insole supports that fit my type of foot. While the combo of shoes and insoles were expensive, holy crap, they feel great. I walked home (nearly 4 miles) in the dress shoes the other day. Overall, it’s a somewhat expensive store, they mark the stuff up, you could get it cheaper elsewhere, but whatever, it’s worth it. My back thanks me. DC government thanks me for the tax revenue too. But I really don’t get how sales in Dupont justifies 3 stores in the same area.

  • David

    God, the only store worth shopping at in all of Dupont is G Star Raw. Everything else is soulless government douchebag-wear.

    • Anonymous

      Seriously? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure G-Star Raw can’t close too soon. That place is full of lame clothes that nobody wears.

  • Chris

    Lovely, just what the neighborhood needs.

  • steve

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!! this is horrible news. horrendously ugly shoes everywhere. comfort one is beginning to scare me like of the church of scientology.

  • Smoove T

    It’s amazing that Comfort One keeps opening up new stores, despite the rise in websites like Zappos, which has all the same shoes (and more) at cheaper prices.

  • oh well

    more breederfication of dupont; baby stroller brigade are well on their way to closing all the bars and establishments that made duponts colorful & unique history. soon 17th st will be filled with baby gaps, more cuppy joints and making sure no night life interferes with their child development…

    • trishswishs

      eek! you’re right! we lost our gay book store AND our sex shop! we could always count on them to scare the bejeezus out of parents and tourists. maybe if we have more outrageous gay events with fabulous gay people in chaps and boas and captain hats and roller skates, we could let the world know that we are NOT family friendly.


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