Judging Restaurants – The Burger Joint (BGR)

by Prince Of Petworth November 9, 2010 at 12:00 pm 26 Comments

I can’t believe it but it’s already been a year since The Burger Joint (BGR) opened up at 1514 Connecticut Ave, NW. Given all the new burger places coming soon, I figured it’s time for a proper judging of the ones we have. So what’s the word on BGR? You can see their menu here. Any must order burgers?

  • Jessica

    overpriced and not good. ick.

    • _joecrawford

      +1 this place is over-rated

  • Not worth waiting in line for.

  • Kim

    I have a few friends who rave about BGR. I finally made it there recently and, to me, it’s just not good. My burger was way overcooked. I’m wondering how they’ll do once Shake Shack and Go Burger open.

  • EB

    I’m surprised. I went last weekend and had a great burger and shake. Mine was perfectly cooked and really no line to speak of. I’ll give it to you that it is expensive, but my meal was great.

  • b

    it is one of the greasiest burgers i have ever tried to eat. made the mistake of trying to eat it on a bench in dupont circle one day, and ended up with grease absolutely everywhere. it wasn’t that good either.

  • Kardinal

    Wow. I am shocked to see 5 responses, and only 1 of them positive.
    I was just there for the first time about 2 weeks ago, and I ate their burger called “the Wellington”. Holy hell, it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. Price – a little higher than normal for a burger and fries, but the quality made it worth it.

    NATIVE NORTH CAROLINIANS – Take note! – They sell Cheerwine by the bottle!

  • IsoTopor

    I love the one in Bethesda, never had a burger I didn’t enjoy there. The onion rings are great too. It is pricey for a burger though.

  • Nikki

    I had the Greek burger there, it was pricey but it was the best burger I’ve ever had in my life. The lamb patty is made with this amazing blend of spices that just make it mouthwatering and the crunch of the cucumbers they put in the housemade tzaiki sauce is pure perfection. The whole combo (burger, fries, soda) will set you back almost $20 but its a real treat. Haven’t seen a lamb burger anywhere else in town, this is my go too thing on the menu. I had the Southwest once before, it was more like a greasy sloppy joe – I’m stickin with the Greek!

  • Eli

    Overpriced. If I’m going to pay more than what I would at Five Guys, I expect the burgers to outmatch them…BGR’s haven’t in the two times I’ve been there.

  • one dude


  • dmdm

    The burgers are cooked when you order, and the wait is LONG. Oddly enough, they’re also overcooked — seems like they could kill two birds with one stone to solve that issue.

    It WAS tasty, but not something I want to wait that long for again.

  • Patrick

    Overpriced with several $10+ burgers on the menu, and just so much of a mess it’s not pleasurable to eat. Even the decor I found tasteless. Though sweet potato fries are good, there are several better burger choices in Dupont that I don’t know why it still seems popular.

  • HollyGoSmitely

    A coworker and I went there once. She ordered her burger medium-rare, I ordered mine well-done. My burger came out rare and hers was RAW, so we complained. They made us new burgers, but didn’t follow any of our fixings orders correctly the second time. Burgers weren’t even that good.

    We’re not going back. Rogue States was better, and now that it’s closed, I’d rather go to Five Guys or I’ll try one of the new places when they open.

  • The veggie-burger was a huge disappointment. I could only force down three bites. It was this clump of rice and some sweet brown syrup. I went when it opened, so I hope it has improved. The one thing I did like (besides the fun tables) was that you could order a side of grilled Asparagus if you didn’t want fries. Those were good.

    My boyfriend is a huge burger fiend, and he got something carnivorous and said it was decent, except his bun disintegrated about 30 seconds after it got to our table. We never went back.

  • I thought the burger was very good (a lot better than Five Guys, for sure), but didn’t like the fries. Five Guys fries plus these burgers, I’d be happy. Of course, the burgers don’t compare to Shake Shack, which will be mobbed, contiuously, from day one.

  • mbm

    The Tuna burger is awesome. My wife’s burger was very good.

  • Ghost of Your Free Time

    $20 for a burger combo? How many places in DC offer half-priced burger night? You’d have to be crazy or maybe they put crack in the milkshakes.

  • The onion rings are spectacular — probably the best I’ve had in DC. I’ve found the burgers there to be quite good with a genuine beef taste and excellent buns; nevertheless, they are priced on the high side and the ambiance at the Dupont Circle location does not make one feel any better about spending $15-$18 for a burger, a side, and a soft drink. Still, the place is undeniably popular — the last three times I have visited, I left without ordering because there were no open tables.

  • Kim

    I used to go to the one in Old Town. Was a huge fan of their tuna burger and their lobster roll was really good with huge chunks of lobster meat. I never tried the regular burgers but the fries were only so-so.

  • Florista

    Ate at the Lyon Village location (VA)about a week ago – I was famished, and so inhaled nearly all my cheddar-cheese burger before realizing it was becoming a huge mess. But that’s what you get with a juicy burger on a brioche bun. The mojo sauce was wonderful; fries were wonderful (but more than enough for 2 people). Too much to finish. Next time I’ll get more mojo on the side, try the onion rings and maybe use a knife/fork. I thought it was delicious, and have done far worse for $10 all over this city.

  • Crin

    Ahem. Ray’s. The end.

  • Paul

    I’m a big fan. They’ve got some creative burgers including the Ahi Burger, Greek Burger, and the Wellington(most popular). The Southwestern burger is an tasty option as the patty is infused with poblanos, chipotle, onion and chili. I find the burger and shake of the month concept keeps things interesting. September was a “Snooki” burger with cream cheese, jalapenos and a deep fried pickle on the side. More places should mix it up like this… makes me try to visit once a month…

    I can understand the comment about BGR being expensive. The Ahi and Greek Burgers are 12.99. The rest hover between $6.99 and $9.99. I honestly don’t think this is far out of line. Onion Rings for $4.50 is steep. So is fries for $3. They give you a large portion, more than anyone needs, I wish they offered junior size portions for a little less.

    If you get a Wellington, yukon fries and a shake that will probably run you almost $20. But there are ways to mitigate this. Split the shake or generous sized fries with friend. Or what I’ll often do is just get a cup for tap water with the burger and fries. I hear they run an affordable “box lunch” special for either the turkey burger or the no frills regular burger with fries and a drink for $9. But I personally would rather forgo a soda than avoid a tasty specialty burger to save $$.

  • Ben

    I’ve been in once or twice on my various DC visits and always thought the music was waaaaay to loud in this place.

  • Kori

    I like their burgers and their seasonal shakes are usually pretty bangin’ but like everyone said, it’s just a wee bit pricey.

    I live up the street from BGR and I’d still drive over to Capital Hill for Good Stuff before I’d go here.

  • pennyworth

    hmmm i’ve been to the one in Old Town … they got my order completely wrong and it took about 15 extra minutes to remake my burger … which was rare even though i asked for medium … sigh


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