Judging Buildings – “Custom built new home” in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth November 5, 2010 at 4:00 pm 57 Comments

We first had our eye on this project back in June. I happened to walk by it last weekend and was planning to show the shots but I’m happy to also have the listing info (thanks to a reader for sending).

You can find the listing info here and photos of the inside here. It’s yours for $1,285,000.

After the jump you can see what it looked like in June.

  • Anon

    1.28mil in Shaw? that seems difficult.

  • Anonymous

    This is a joke, right? Nice renovation, great roofdeck, fair enough location … but nearly $1.3M for a 3BR on 12th Street??? Is there that much of a premium to live next door to The Thing from The Fantastic Four? (Seriously, the neighbor should paint his house orange.)

  • Strange

    They must be missing a screw if they think they can get a million for that house.


    that is absurd.

    unless, of course, the house comes with 550k worth of gold and blood diamonds in the basement.

  • Herb


  • Anonymous

    I’ll admit, the price is ABSURD. But I do love the house, awesome location. I especially love that the whole third floor can be a master suite. But I think $875k is more realistic.

  • Kamantha

    Are they smoking crack?!

  • Anonymous

    The agent must be on meth.

  • Shaw Parent

    Nice house. You’d have to be crazy to pay that price. But I own nearby, so I really hope it goes for that much.

  • $1.2 million in Shaw? Maybe if that house were in Dupont or G’town, but if you think you can get that for a house in shaw, you are smoking crack…which is readilly available in most parts of shaw, which is why that house is NOT worth over a meelyun dollars!

    Cut the asking price in half and you’re still pushing your luck. Location, location, location!

    • Shaw Sweetie

      1.2 mil is too much, IMHO, but Shaw isn’t that f’in bad. I know because i live here, and have for almost 3 years. And it has grown light years from when I was here years earlier at school at Howard.

      Location, location, location? With all the projects going on here (Howard Theatre improvement, O Street Market Renovation) Shaw will be the location to purchase and live. So don’t hate on it now, thanks!

      • Tatiana

        That’s definitely true. I lived there for a year and really liked it!

        As for the price, the only thing I can think is that is easier to go down than up and maybe all the renovations around the neighborhood will be a key factor in that. That price is ridiculous.

      • Come on, you guys. You know better than this. Everyone is dropping their jaws that it’s 1.3M in Shaw. This house is half a block from the heart of U Street, barely a block from the Metro. U Street corridor prices are generally much higher than central Shaw.

        My thoughts? $1.3M on 12th Street in the U Street corridor? Are you smoking crack?

        Seriously, houses in the U Street corridor that go for over (well over) $1M were born in the late 1800s and had 3 full stories plus a basement. This one was a shack before the reconstruction. Those little 2-story houses, even if they’ve been tarted up to the max with a third story at the rear, just don’t have the presence to command 7 figures.

        I wish the seller the best. People ought to be rewarded for doing projects with high quality materials and design, not smacked down. I just hope he’s not trying to push his luck out of greed.

  • DCFast

    SHAWLY the seller needs a reality check. Nearly $1.3 mil in SHAW!!?!?!??!?!

  • cahbf

    the house looks tiny from the outside. watching the renovation I assumed it would list at 700. the builders are quick and it looks nice but the price seems insane to me

    • Anonymous

      the house 2000 sq feet, its not small. get your facts straight before commenting

      • cahbf


        • Anonymous

          bad day bro?

  • Tres

    U Street, 1 block from metro. Did you guys even look at the address before you posted? Geez. Perfect example of how one person makes a comment, and then the rest of the herd just blindly piles on.

    Anyone who thinks this will go for less than a million is going to have to hook me up with that good sh- they’re smoking. It’s been a long week. The question is where it will sell in the million to 1.2 million range.

  • Pokerface

    The agent does not have a lot of experience in DC. He was primarily a No Va agent who starting farming DC after the bottom dropped out of Fairfax & Loudoun county during the crash. I know several local NW realtors with years of sales experience for this quadrant and are also laughing about the asking price as well. Evan obviously is listing this at what the emotional seller thinks it worth so he could secure the listing. This property is at best worth something in mid 800’s. And only because everything is new inside and it was expanded. $1.3 to live in Shaw is an F’ing joke.

    • Tres

      1.3 is too high, but 800k’s is silly. Yes, there are some much smaller houses without parking near here for 850k. At the same time, there are houses within a block that are listed for $970k – 1.2 million. So as much as we think everything in Shaw should be cheap, the reality is that there are million dollar three bedroom homes in Shaw. This is one of them. C’mon, there are 2 bedroom townhouse condos on this block that have sold for $850k. That’s this house, minus a level, plus a condo fee.

    • It’s also the level of materials being used. Cabinets, appliances. All look really high end. I don’t doubt at all that someone will by this north of a $1M. Someone who is looking to stay in the region for a while and really invest in the neighborhood for long term.

      • Rod

        Yeah, some idiot with more money than good sense.

  • Anonymous

    The location is actually awesome! 1 block from U st metro, right there by Dukem. Yum!

  • Florista

    Price aside, I think it’s a beautiful place. The kitchen cabinets are way too dark, but I’d love to live in it if I had any money to buy a house in DC.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    um does everyone realize that the whole u street area is in shaw?

    • Anonymous

      but U st is hot real estate. so there.

      • Eric in Ledroit

        um that’s my point anon.

    • the totten.


  • Anonymous

    I would call it U street/Logan…but 1.whatever is silly for what it is…the house/lot had much better potential…just a prime example of someone who does not know what’s best and might lose their shirt! Hopefully not…but a dangerous decision to build what they did and ask such a high price…hopefully they have some serious room to lower it. But I do wish them the best of luck…chuckle

  • Nice inside, though hardly spectacular. Good location, but there are better. Most of all, not NEARLY enough curb appeal to attract a seven figure buyer (exterior blah at best, hideous house adjoining it). I mean, that sweet modern house at W and 11th, which is way, WAY cooler than this place, was priced around the same, and I’m not sure that managed to sell for that price!

    This seems like a place that should have been priced more like 900k. If I had a million, I’d rather buy a sweet-ass condo in a great location, or a gorgeous full historic renovated row house with charm. This has neither the high-end aesthetics nor the period charm that might warrant this type of insane asking price.

  • Tres

    Nah, the only houses for sale within a block or two that are as low as 850k don’t have parking, have half the lot size, 1/3 less interior square footage, aren’t freshly renovated, and have a basement level. This property is above ground — no lame English basement windows.

    Sorry that 850k is cheap for around here. Actually, why am I apologizing? I couldn’t afford this. It’s as if people are skeptical — maybe because of the recent economic uncertainty? Whatever, just look at the 2010 MLS sales data — facts are facts. House are flipping expensive here. 850k is cheap for this block. Two car parking spaces around here aren’t going to be cheaper than 100k. At minimum, this place is worth 950k.

    What I’ve noticed recently is that “more desirable” locations (Dupont, Georgetown) are getting closed in upon by “less desirable” places across DC (Chinatown, U Street, Columbia Heights). Before we know it, the new Dupont is going to be U Street or Columbia Heights. Dupont itself is going to price itself beyond what anyone is expecting into some kind of incomprehensible rich cat territory.

    • Anonymous

      Check the DC sales records. There are three remodeled single family houses on same block each with two car parking that sold in the last two years :
      1901 12th $$650k, 1903 12th $430k, 1905 12th $550k

      • french streeter

        1901, 1903 and 1905 are hobbit houses – tiny and nowhere near 2000 sq feet.

        Not sure how you ascertained that all of these houses are rennovated – certainly 1901 was, which is reflected in the 650 asking price.

        • Anonymous

          Rennovated with new kitchens/ baths/ plumbing /electrical via building permits issued, 1901 12th in 2009, 1903 12th in 2007, 1905 12th in 2007

        • Anonymous

          Their square footage is 1344 to 1200. The facades only look small.They all have the same deep lots

  • dupont dude

    Or for $1.1M, you could have a 5BR/3BA, two car parking in Dupont at 14 & S.


    • Tres

      14th and S is U Street or Shaw. Just so you get to know your namesake a little better. Your house is a literal stone’s throw from the house we’ve been talking about.

      • Anonymous

        If you consider 14th and S to be Dupont, then you are a bit geographically challenged.

        • cahbf

          14th and S is in the Dupont ANC. Just saying.

        • Anonymous

          it’s 4 blocks from the circle.
          how small do you think neighborhoods are?

  • SStreetsale

    The price is far too high, three story, with basement unit, 5 bedrooms, 4baths, parking just sold for under 950k
    around corner on S st

  • Anonymous

    What is the price per square foot? It simply doesn’t make sense for it to be this high.

  • Anonymous

    Look at the comps – condos on this block sold for $850K and their are north of $1 million rowhouse sales in close vicinity, as well. $1.2 may be high, but it doesn’t look outrageous.

    I live close by (but closer to Shaw proper) in an unrenovated rowhouse about the same size, and last February, my house appraised at $850K for the purposes of refinancing.

    This area is booming – close to the city, close to U Street

    • 12thstreetowner


  • Noticed this place on my walking commute Friday. Looked like some stop-work orders plastered on it.

  • Polytasker

    The house looks great, but there’s no way it will go for over a million. 800-900K sounds about right, especially considering that it includes 2 parking spaces in addition to a little yard and a roof deck, is super close to the metro, and the whole block is rapidly improving. I might buy it if I had the cash.

    • Eric in Ledroit

      …aaand get ready to be way below final contract price.

  • Anonymous

    ya’ll do realize that selling price is different than asking price, right?
    so what if they ask over a million? they can ask whatever the hell they want.

    if it doesn’t sell, it’s not your problem, or business.

  • anonymous

    It would be really good to have hipchickindc do a follow up to this when it finally sells. POP, please make it happen!

  • I have read many of the post and they surprise me how some people can post their thoughts without know anything about the property/project. I created this house as I have built many in this area 2214 12th, 2226 12th, 1349 V just to name a few.

    I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars making this, one time crack house a beautiful jew. Just some of the modern amenities in this house are a top of the line system that allows someone to run the entire house on your smart phone, top of the line appliances 2 master bedrooms 2 decks equipped to run hot tubs and I would be writing here forever to list all the niceties in this property.

    About the realtor, he has worked in the DC area for more than ten years and has plenty of experience pricing and listing properties. Several condos in the immediate vicinity have sold for 1.1 M and above so with that knowledge it only makes since that this space offers more with no condo fee and very little or no matenance and a whole lot more intimate outdoor space.

    All that said, thank you for your comments but I love my work and to me it’s my art. I do what I do because I love it and I love making a beautiful well constructed great house.

    • Anonymous Jew

      Which beautiful Jew does the house look like? Scarlett Johansson?

      • Anonymous

        Nice body, yes, but the face is not aging so well.

    • Anonymous

      Hot tubs do not command the asset premium that you have demanded from this price. The price you have asked assumes a real estate market appreciation that is not sustainable. But you will let the market decide. Good luck. Your monthly covering costs are going to need it.

  • You know nothing and you do a disservice to yourself writing such ignorant comments!
    The builder/developer

  • Herb

    The best thing you could do as developer is buy the hideous place next door and develop it. Or if you can’t buy it, offer to fix up the exterior. The curb appeal of this place is totally ruined due to the building on the right.

  • Dear B.O.,
    Really? Art? Really? Then do something about those very unartistic rooftop AC units that are evidently visible from the sidewalk and street and, I assume, visible from every window in every home across the street. Otherwise it’s a nice house.


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