Washington, DC

It’s been about a year and a half since I first posted the Scuttlebutt that IHOP would be coming to DC USA in Columbia Heights. At long last the day has arrived. I stopped in on Mon. to snap some photos and confirm the word on their opening. They are opening at 9am Nov. 16 and closing at 11pm. Starting. Nov. 17 they’ll be opening at 7am and closing at 11pm. And after Thanksgiving they will be open 24 hours!

But more good news – their grand opening will be Nov. 23rd and to celebrate the first 1500 customers will get a free short stack of pancakes. And there you have it. It’s not going to bring world peace but it is going to make many many people very happy. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but for I’m not gonna lie, I shed a tear of joy whilst taking these photos.

Capacity is 220 seats including a banquet room.

IHOP is located on Irving St, NW just west of 14th Street.

More photos after the jump.

View upon first entering

Classic booths

Call ahead option

Instead of leaving your name if there is a wait you’ll get a card and when you’re table is ready they’ll say “Quincy Jones” your table is ready!


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