Guerrilla Street Art on Porter between Cleveland Park and Mt. Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth November 15, 2010 at 10:04 pm 21 Comments

I sorta did a double take when I was walking down Porter this weekend from Cleveland Park towards Beach Drive and Mt. Pleasant. But when I took a closer look, it was def. some sorta street art/political statement. Some other walkers came over and I asked them what they thought. They said they found it, “Striking”. I’ll go on the record and say I like it.

What do you guys think?

Couple more shots after the jump.

  • woodie

    [Which wood is that] My question is: oak or hickory.

    • pop-up owner

      Redwood… Duh….

  • Chris

    I’ll go on the record and say I LOVE it.


    oh I get it, they’re red! GENIUS.

  • 4nature

    love it!

  • Ryan

    I’ll go on record and say that it’s pretty awesome

  • love it

  • Jim

    Awesome, indeed. Plus, now we’re all set for killing headcrab zombies with the gravity gun.

  • Anonymous

    I thought “Guerilla” art was supposed to make some sort of statement against the establishment. Are they protesting living trees of natural color?

    • Elle

      I think, maybe, cutting down trees.

      • ah

        Or cutting down trees and leaving the wood around, which is typical of DC when it removes a tree.

        It’s a ridiculous process–they have 3 or 4 separate crews to cut down a single tree. First crew cuts the small branches and limbs so all that’s left is the main trunk. Then another crew comes to remove the main trunk down to the stump. Then a crew comes to pick up the wood from the trunk. Finally, a crew comes to grind the stump.

        • EPF

          specialization of labor. Very efficient

        • Larchie

          What is so ridiculous about that? The equipment for each of those four tasks you named are totally different. Why would you have the stump grinder sitting around useless while the small branches are trimmed and chipped? Why would you assume that the crew that runs the chipper are the same crane operators that lower the large trunk sections?

          Just a thought, if comments like ah’s are phrased as questions instead of complaints (like “why does it take 4 crews to remove a tree?”) it might lead to more fruitful conversation, rather than blind rants that assume that just because a public agency is doing something, it must be the absolute worst way to do it.

    • I think that Guerrilla Art is work done in public without any official approval or permit; it’s existence, in this case on a street median is, in effect a statement against the establishment

  • Mary

    Or maybe they’re protesting the cutting down of trees to build that new apartment building on Porter for Chinese embassy employees (hence the red)???

    • joker

      What trees did they cut down? They demolished a long dilapidated and vacant apt building and built within the same clearled lot envelope.

      Whatever this is, its pretty pointless and ugly. I hope they find whomever did it so they can send them the fine for littering on public property.

      • Anonymous

        awwww. didums fall down?


  • PG

    It looks to me like it was made by gorillas.

  • TonyS

    i think they are protesting people cutting down trees to make political statements. its kind of a circular thing.

  • This would have been a real political statement if they had actually planted trees in that median.

  • Linda

    Wasn’t this the runner-up artwork for Adams Morgan? Nice location for the artwork.


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