Bloomingdale’s Rustik Gets an Early Tepid Review from Washington Post

by Prince Of Petworth November 3, 2010 at 12:30 pm 10 Comments

Here is the early look from the Post’s Tom Siestma:

“Neighbors tell me they’re thrilled to finally have somewhere to sip and sup. I’d be more excited if the food had more finesse. Mushrooms that smacked of the canned variety lessened the appeal of a thin-crusted pizza billed as Ward Five, and a grilled cheese sandwich, while generous with Gruyere, could have used more seasoning. (Pickled carrot sticks add a colorful touch to the plate, however.) Braised lamb with pita tastes one-note; like the sandwich, it needs a flavor injection.”

Though he was a big fan of the baby octopus and happy hour prices.

Personally, I had a pizza that was delicious. And for those who are a bit more enthusiastic, I’m happy to report that Rustik located at 84 T St. NW (by Rhode Island and 1 St, NW) will soon be offering brunch in the next couple of weeks.


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