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Bloomingdale’s Rustik Gets an Early Tepid Review from Washington Post

by Prince Of Petworth November 3, 2010 at 12:30 pm 10 Comments

Here is the early look from the Post’s Tom Siestma:

“Neighbors tell me they’re thrilled to finally have somewhere to sip and sup. I’d be more excited if the food had more finesse. Mushrooms that smacked of the canned variety lessened the appeal of a thin-crusted pizza billed as Ward Five, and a grilled cheese sandwich, while generous with Gruyere, could have used more seasoning. (Pickled carrot sticks add a colorful touch to the plate, however.) Braised lamb with pita tastes one-note; like the sandwich, it needs a flavor injection.”

Though he was a big fan of the baby octopus and happy hour prices.

Personally, I had a pizza that was delicious. And for those who are a bit more enthusiastic, I’m happy to report that Rustik located at 84 T St. NW (by Rhode Island and 1 St, NW) will soon be offering brunch in the next couple of weeks.

  • Anonymous

    That review is probably fair. I doubt business will suffer as a result. People not from the neighborhood aren’t likely to travel there for it, but there are enough people who live there who are thrilled that there is somewhere that serves this type of food that they will (hopefully) fill its tables.

  • Ghost of Your Free Time

    F The Post! I cancel my subscription! Oh, that’s right, I don’t have a subscription, I get my news online like everybody else.
    OK, I don’t even know why I feel compelled to defend Rustik, I don’t know anybody in Bloomingdale now, but I used to live near Mount Ranier and sometimes I take North Capitol home, so I like that it’s there and I am rooting for them.
    Yay, brunch!

  • FireCracker

    Hey Rustik painted, looks nice outside now. You are right, it is a welcome addition to our hood and we are glad to have anything other than another liquor store or Chinese take out : ) (how can so many stay in business anyway??)

    It is way too loud for the space, I wish they would turn it down a few notches and pump up the menu. Pizza is the easiest and cheapest thing in the world to make multiple types. Give me some damn peperoni for Jake’s Sake! : ) What kind of a damn Yankee puts a pear on a pizza??

    • ?


    • johnkin

      I’d never heard of it before, but the pear pizza was awesome.

  • JTE

    The music is a little loud, but it doesn’t outweigh the fact that it’s a great space, and the pizza is easily the best of the local ‘za choices (though I haven’t tried that new middle-eastern place across from Full Yum at N. Cap and P), and it is a short walk away.

    Also, I figure that my opinion on the music volume doesn’t count as much because I am now a square with two kids and am not dropping the serious drinking dollars there….but I have been there 3x. The most recent time, I went at 7 with the family and the music was not that loud.

    Going Green is easily my favorite. The Margherita pizza has a strange tangy-ness in the sauce. I had the Pep Pep (the one with the lamb) and it was good, but my wife’s Going Green was much tastier, so I am now Going Green all the way.

  • Eric in Ledroit

    i LOVE the pizza there – but the music is loud, and the oven is not properly vented so you smell like smoke afterwards often. hopefully they will get these minor issues worked out because we want to continue supporting it by going every weekend!

  • Jen Bloomingdale Resident

    I love Rustik, but I don´t love the campfire smell that sticks to me once I leave. Great place, SO happy it is there… food is great. People great. The Review is ok, but I am surprised it came so quickly. Don´t they usually take a few months?

  • Kev29

    It was a “First Bite” write-up, which is only a small preview of the restaurant. Not a full on Sunday WP Magazine review (which gives a restaurant more time to settle in).

  • eli

    So I am one block away and have to say I like it but I don’t love it. Seriously Rustik, I would come here lots if I didn’t feel price-gouged. When I go I have one beer and don’t eat and still drop $10. Can you at least try to swing some delicious mid-range options?

    I don’t mind the high prices at a hotspot with a scene, but it bugs me out at the neighborhood bar. Be neighborhood friendly, okay? I would much rather have another Raven or Tune-Inn (ie cheap drinks, comfortable, good bar food) around the corner than a place that is trying to be another Gibson (ie expensive drinks and inedible expensive food).

    Love the music though. Each time I go am very happy with the playlist. Staff is also super-nice. I guess what I would really like to see is a couple more cheap beers (Natty Boh or Session or something) in the $4-$5 range and some cheap food in that range too (fancy hot dog or something). The Passenger does this high/low mix really well–maybe take a cue from them?


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