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Judging Bars/Restaurants – 19th

by Prince Of Petworth November 3, 2010 at 12:00 pm 20 Comments

19th is located at 1900 I St NW. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this place because it was pretty packed when I walked past it on Saturday. Is this a good sports bar? How’s the food? You can see their menu here. Though, I gotta be honest – I can’t believe how douchey their intro to Happier Hour sounds:

“Because 19th is smack in the middle of the financial district and on any given day you’ll find the big swinging d**cks of DC’s firms celebrating or soaking at the bar we bring you…Happier Hour”

Seriously? Well even so, I’m curious – what’s the story here?

  • jcm

    1. DC has a financial district? Since when?
    2. The BSDs of finance are on Wall Street, and they’re assholes. I have to imagine wannabe BSDs are even worse. I think I’ll pass on 19th.

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably no douchier than any other happy hour in that area. Just another place for the big shots working downtown to get plastered and make lame attempts at hitting on each other before heading home to the suburbs. At least they’re honest about it, right? BTW I had no idea this place existed either.

  • DCMom

    Didn’t know we had a financial district – more like a law district – or a lobbyist district.

    I work one block away and have never heard of this place. I am thinking that it is the old Karma which was something else before that. Nothing lasts in that space. It is really close to World Bank – and most of the happy hour revelers are from there – so I am not thinking that a golf-themed sports bar is going to work either.

  • DCMom

    Want a great HH – go across the street to Taberna del Alabadero for half price tapas and pitchers of Sangria. It is awesome and doesn’t attract the yahoos.

  • Kev29

    I went to this place for an event and thought it would be terrible.. but ended up being OK. Food, as I remember, was pretty good for a sports bar. Not a destination, but fine for a drink if you’re walking past it.

  • super_b

    Apparently they have free beer for an hour and a half before monday night football.

  • GDopplerXT

    I’ve only noticed this place because occasionally there are groups of semi-boisterous folks on the small patios playing drinking games. I’ve never been tempted to go in – I’d rather go to Elephant & Castle right across the street.

  • anonymous

    I’ve been there and while it’s cool they let you play drinking games, the service is bad and the food is worse. There is no reason to go to this place when there are many more, better bars in the area.

  • Ghost of Your Free Time

    So does this mean that the ‘Herpes Triangle’ centered at 19th and M is extending to I street now?

  • Fonzy

    I think it’s awesome. Good food. Cheap drinks. Great specials during the week. Friendly staff and accomodating management for special events. Clean bathrooms. They have all the TVsat sports packages, so you can watch any game from any sport or conference. A nice assortment of tables, couches and bar stools that allows you to roam around or stay clicky with your group. It’s never too packed, so you won’t wait for a drink. Not far from the metro, or Archibald’s, Camelot… etc.

    What else do YOU want from your bars DC?

    • Anonymous

      Because not being far from strip clubs is VERY important!

    • MJ

      Hmm. This sounds either like a paid advert, or you own the place.

    • thechecker

      Nice try, 19th bar.

  • John

    I work around the corner from this place. It’s a pretty decent sports bar with acceptable food and good happy hour specials. It gets points for being open very late on weeknights.

    This space used to be occupied by an airplane themed bar (I can’t recall the name) which was overpriced and trying far too hard to be a super hip, really cool NYC type club/lounge, and failing miserably. Josephine’s and the place on I St. (I believe it used to be called Eye Bar) suffered from the same problem of trying too hard to be too hip. To this day, Eye Bar is the single worst bar I have ever been to in my life.

    Someone needs to tell them that DC doesn’t have a financial district.

    • Mony

      Skye Lounge for a few years

  • Gretchen

    The only reason to go to this place is if Elephant & Castle is too crowded.

  • StanleyKubrick

    Looks like an airport bar, smells like an airport bar… I just had no idea there was an airport there.

  • CA

    I mean…the “Financial District” doesn’t compare to Manhattan’s, but there are large financial institutions in the area, often the hub of their lobbying divisions, and as mentioned above The World Bank is two blocks away…once could refer to it as DC’s Financial District.

  • victoria

    Deer could impale themselves on that fence!

  • C Dollar sign

    I went there one time for a birthday celebration. One detail of note: Its an 18 and older club. Which rules, if you wanna meet some sexy GW students. Otherwise its lame. There were some good looking broads there, which was nice.


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