PoPville PSA – Have Fun but Remember to Be Smart

Photo by PoPville flickr user ewilfong

“Dear PoP,

Friday night around 2 am there was a woman walking home alone and intoxicated who was assaulted by 2 dudes in the alley off 18th street in Mt Pleasant. She luckily was only scuffed up and fortunately she’ll physically recover, but the incident rattled the woman and the neighbors. I think there are a couple important learning points we need to take away from what happened Friday night (and what happens too often in our city). Obviously, we’re not going to stop crime but there are important measures one can take to reduce the odds of becoming a victim. If you’re going to get lit (and I enjoying having drinks as much as anyone) then be smart about how you get home. For the past four years I’ve worked in one of the busiest ER’s in town and have been keeping a mental tally of the demographics behind assault victims that I treat. Where were they? Who were they with? Intoxicated? All too often, these people have been walking home alone, deep into the night, and are intoxicated. It’s not rocket science. Don’t make yourself an easy target. Take a cab, get a ride from a friend, or walk home with a friend (I rarely see an assault when people are walking in groups), especially if you’ve been drinking.”

I know I’ve certainly made the mistake of walking home when I should’ve taken a cab. As the original poster says this is not a case of blaming the victim but sadly, walking home alone after a night drinking can be like a form of Russian roulette. This is probably the best advice that was ever given to me years ago. When in doubt, don’t hesitate, and always take a cab home late at night especially if you have been drinking. The advice can be easy to shrug off but it’ll be the smartest money you ever spent if you consistently heed the advice. And remember this advice applies to all DC neighborhoods!

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