Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user kevnkovl

“Dear PoP,

I joined Bikeshare this week, and I’m totally excited to whiz around the city, hair aflutter (under a helmet, of course). I’m also terribly nervous! I’ve never biked in DC, and as a pedestrian and occasional driver I’m constantly frustrated with DC bikers. I want to be the good kind! Unfortunately, I’m not totally sure how to avoid pissing off everyone in the road (I suppose I do in theory, but I imagine in practice it will be completely different) and I’m hopeful your biking readers will have some suggestions. I’ll stay off major roads until I get the hang of it, but what should I know to be a good biker?”

While I’m a pretty novice rider myself, I’d say the most important thing is to follow the rules of the road. IE stop a red light, don’t swerve across lanes etc. What do experienced riders recommend in how to be a good responsible rider?


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