Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I am a potential first time home buyer that found a place I love on the 2900 block of Sherman ave. However, my concern is that it is over-priced and that the area is neither aesthetically pleasing or safe at this time. As this is the biggest purchase of my young life, I want to make sure anything I do is well thought out. Therefore, and although you may be biased, what are your thoughts on making huge investments in this area (to the tone of $390K)? What do you think the impact will be of the Sherman ave. reconstruction? Do you think said construction well be completed as envisioned in the design phase? Anything else you would like to add would be extremely helpful. One last thought, I am a male in my mid-20’s, and in more than one discussion since contemplating this purchase I have heard something to this effect “a male living in this area equals OK, but don’t even think about getting a female roommate or having a girlfriend over because it is still that unsafe.”

I’m one of the folks who believes that Sherman Ave has huge potential. If I were looking to buy a home now I would not hesitate to buy there, knowing that it will take a number of years before it reaches its potential. But like others have said, I like the proximity to 11th St, NW and all it has to offer. I’ll let the folks who live there discuss the safety issues. Good luck!


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