Dear PoP – Sisters of Charity residence on Park Road, NW

“Dear PoP,

Do you know what happened to the shrine to Our Lady that was in front of the Sisters of Charity residence on Park Road (west of 16th)? I ran past it today and it looked like it got demolished, and not in a preordained kind of way. More like a smash and grab. I’d hate to think criminals were targeting these women. I volunteered with some of them down in Anacostia a couple months ago and they are easily some of the more dedicated, humble people I’ve met in DC. Not to mention their little front lawn area was easily one of the better kept in the neighborhood.

Their sign is gone from next to the door. I think they must’ve moved out. The new tenants might not have as much use for a shrine to Our Lady.”

Oh that’s really sad, I always enjoyed passing that shrine. I hope the Sisters have simply found new/better digs. Anyone know if/why they moved?

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