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Battle of the Safeways: Haves Vs. Have Nots

Petworth’s Safeway on Georgia Ave (3830 Georgia Ave, NW)

Georgetown’s new Safeway on Wisconsin Ave (1855 Wisconsin Ave, NW)

While I’m very happy with the YES! Organic Market a bit further up the block at Georgia and Taylor, I find it pretty appalling to compare the Petworth Safeway to the Georgetown Safeway. I understand that Georgetown residents have a lot of money to spend so obviously they are going to get a nice store but Petworth residents were told time and time again that this relic on Georgia Ave was going to be upgraded. Whenever I ask Mayor Fenty or Council Member Bowser they say, plans are still in the works. But Lord – how long must we wait. Quite frankly I just don’t like all the bullshit. If they’re not going to upgrade the Georgia Ave Safeway then just say so. Be honest with us, we can take it. I’ve heard lots of rumors as to why the Safeway upgrade has stalled. Some blame residents, some blame Safeway, some blame funding/tax break issues. But are we not entitled to an honest answer?

So once and for all – should the Georgia Ave Safeway be upgraded? If so, what is the responsibility of Safeway, our elected leaders and/or the residents to make sure this happens.  I believe that Mt. Vernon Square (City Vista), Adams Morgan, Georgetown, Navy Yard (SW Waterfront) all have new or upgraded stores.  Besides Petworth what other neighborhoods do you think are due for an upgrade?

I can tell you when I walked into the Georgia Ave store this weekend I was hit with a foul odor. When I walked into the Wisconsin Ave store, I could swear that the aisles were paved with gold. Not to speak for all but I’d be happy with half as nice an upgrade in Petworth.

Luncheon meats at Georgia Ave above.

A portion of the cheese selection at Wisconsin Ave below.

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