Washington, DC

Eastern Star Symbol
Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr. T in DC

“Dear PoP,

My husband owned his house before I moved into it two years ago and in the four years we’ve been together I have been in the backyard a total of 1 time and that’s because one of my cats slipped out there. It’s a very small space (the size of a bedroom maybe) but it could be a nice little spot for a morning coffee or an evening beer with a little bit of spitshine.

I’ve asked him to lay down some pavers but, it’s four years now, I have to accept it ain’t happening. LOL! Do you and your readers have any suggestions for a landscaper that can help us improve our backyard space?

P.S. I lean toward pavers because I have never seen a blade of grass out there (I do stare longingly at the yard from time to time even tho I refuse to step foot out there) and he says he thinks that the person who renovated buried some material under the earth back there or something as grass just doesn’t seem to take root and grow.”

I’m also curious how much you think it would cost to have a landscaper set pavers?


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