Washington, DC

Photo from PoPville flickr user fromcaliw/love

“Dear PoP,

On my walk home today from the gym in Columbia Heights I was confronted twice by two different groups of teens (ages 12 – 16???) asking for money. I believe one was trying to get new uniforms for a basketball team; I didn’t listen long enough to find out what the other was for.

The method is always the same– the teens are carrying a plastic crate, typically filled with nasty boxed candy. I’ve been approached outside DC USA, Giant, the sidewalks of DC, and tonight they knocked on my front door. Sometimes they have a lamented card with a pre-written speech; other times they show some type of “ID.”

I donated a few bucks once and in return got a box of stale chocolate and caramel chews. Now I politely tell them I’ve all ready donated and they normal walk away.

Are these groups legit? Do people donate? I’d like to think these teens are doing something productive and staying out of trouble. A part of me wonders where the money ultimately ends up.”

I too have wondered if these groups are legit. I’ve actually seen them get kicked out Target on a few occasions. I actually feel bad for the little kids. I’ve seen small kids maybe 10 years old making this approach. Does anyone know if these fundraisers are ever legit?


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