Good Deal or Not? Live Right Next To Mangialardo & Sons Edition

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2010 at 1:00 pm 17 Comments


This home is located at 1315 Pennsylvania Ave, SE:

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The flier says:

“Fully renovated three level building located near Potomac Metro, Harris Teeter, Barracks Row & Eastern Market. Zoned C-2A but could easily be used as residential. Lower level currently tenant occupied mo-to-mo. Seller renovated to use as Office/Hair Salon but decided to retire. Nice property – shows well! Off-street pkg included in price!”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

I was most interested in this property because it is located right next to the great sandwich shop Mangialardo & Sons. Do you think the zoning adds to the value? What do you think of the renovation? Does $799,000 sound reasonable for this location?


  • Anonymous

    Overpriced, but maybe that’s due to the zoning. This will sell for asking price, to a very fat person.

  • Columbia Heights Boy

    Perhaps it makes sense commercially, but I can’t see it as residential at 575/sq ft.

  • Ragged Dog

    Good luck! You are right on top of the projects and there is still too much crime to justify this price for residential.

  • Anonymous
  • RD

    I had no idea that this hood demanded $600/sq ft. i don’t spend a lot of time around the potomac ave metro station. what’s the draw?

  • mappo

    That price is absolutely bat shit crazy for that neighborhood. Nuf ced.

  • Ragged Dog

    I was just thinking the upstairs looked like a shrinks office. If you put a shrink upstairs and rented out the basement, you *might* cover the bills.

    I also thought: Two condos at $400k each? *Maybe*

  • Jeremy

    I really dislike this house – not because it looks cramped, but because of the lines – people think that if you use a lot of lines in architecture, it somehow makes it modern and appealing. Yeah, no. Too much horizontal/vertical flow.

  • ET

    Nothing on that block except the Jenkins Hill at the end is residential so I would assume this would sell and be used as commercial. Parking is a bit of a bitch right there and the commuter traffic is icky (I don’t know how those who live on PA across the street and down a way stand it).

    Seems a bit pricey to me but I don’t know about commercial pricing trends v. residential pricing trends.

  • Anonymous

    Not well priced and location is a grab bag mix of commercial/residential. However it is a short walk to Eastern Market and close to Congressional Cemetary (great if you have a dog), Harris Teeter, Trusty’s and Potomac Ave Metro.

    Sold in 2005 for $550K. No idea what kind of shape it was in, but not sure I see $250K in improvements either.

  • wdc

    There are other nicer, large homes on the Hill that are not quite so far east and are not on a major thoroughfare like Penn Ave that are available for that much or less. Unless you have some plans to make use of the different zoning situation, it seems a little overpriced or at least maybe not the best use of that kind of money on the Hill.

  • pop-up owner

    Would need to be commercial to justify the price as there are much nicer homes in the immediate area for less money. As far as the comments on the neighborhood. I am on this block and we enjoy the neighborhood immensely, the only distraction being the Potomac Gardens. As far as traffic, it backs up at rush-hour about twice a week as maryland commuters try to out manuever each other to get across the bridge, other than that I have no problem getting across/around penn ave with kids and dogs in tow. The police presence has been good and the neighbors actually know each other.

    That being said, I don’t think I would like to face Penn ave.

    Also, check out the proposoal by the USMC to potentially use the Potomac Garden site as an expansion option.

  • Random Observation – Let me first say this I do not live on Capitol Hill. That said all neighborhoods have their cheerleaders (Columbia Heights, Logan Circle Brookland, Georgetown etc) but in my experience no neighborhood has more cheerleaders than Capitol Hill and I mean that in a good way. An acquaintance fortunate enough to live in Chevy Chase (DC) who moved for schools (Lafayette, Deal, Wilson) still talks about missing Capitol Hill. Also when friends from out of town visit we tour Downtown /Monuments, hit U Street, Adams Morgan and Gallery Place (more recently) but they are taken by Capitol Hill. They always enjoy Eastern Market / Barrack Row areas. Few houses at any price point seem to ever be listed in Capitol Hill.

    • Hardcore Capitol Hill Cheerleader, right here! I agree that we’re a little over the top in this neck of the woods with our neighborhood love. (In a good way!) Between CHAMPS (our local Chamber of Commerce), Barracks Row Main Street, three overlapping BIDs, the Capitol Hill Community Foundation, the Capitol Hill Restoration Society (love them or hate them), EMCAC (the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee), and more neighborhood associations than I can list here – not only are the individual residents of the Hill proud cheerleaders, but we’ve got over a dozen organizations (before you even start counting the ANCs and the multiple community newspapers and blogs) dedicated to the cause.

      As for houses being listed, can I direct you to The Hill is Home’s Friday feature, “Open House Round Up?” Every Friday we post the listing of all the weekend open houses on the Hill. This is as much for current residents as it for prospective ones. Lots of people move from one Hill house to a another, but even more are just interested in seeing the insides of other houses in the neighborhood. This is last Friday’s Round Up: http://www.thehillishome.com/2010/01/open-house-round-up-13/ Check THIH this Friday for open houses on the Hill this weekend!

      (and… pom poms down… )

  • ding dong

    DC housing is so cheap, all homes will double in the next year

  • You’re walking distance to Eastern Market and the bars/clubs on H Street, you’ve got Harris Teeter in your backyard, Metro across the street, along with Trustys, AND the best hardware store in town (Fragers) a couple blocks away. AND you’ve got Mangialardo’s next door? WTF else do you want? A free moaning vulva that streams pure gold and turns into a case of Belgian beer?

  • Cap Hill Refugee

    Walking distance to H Street? Not likely. We lived on the Hill for 10 years and still own a house there – love it. But crime is still an issue, especially the further east you go. Don’t fool yourself. As for the price – no way you can lease that space to cover the costs. Overpriced.


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