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  • way too expensive.

  • dino

    Good luck on trying to figure out when this place is open…I tried several times 2-3 years ago on different nights to dine at the Park Cafe, to no avail. They were always closed and I tried different nights of the week, and they did not appear to be closed for some other reason like redecorating, etc. I could never find a website or even a phone number to ask before making the trip across town. Hopefully things have changed there.

  • Ragged Dog

    We’ve been a few times. The owner is a little quirky. He’s definitely no one’s executive chef. We’ve been there when it’s very clear there are 2 people trying get the place going and the owner is doing paper work on one of the tables.

    It’s a nice local place though. The food is good (including brunch) and the wine selection is very good. We don’t get here as often as we like because of the hours.

  • Anonymous

    I live a block and half away, and on my walk home everday I bemone the fact that this fantastic location sports not a local watering hole, a yummy resturant, nor even a coffee shop. Instead it is an overpirced, pathetic excuse for a dinining establisment, with terrible serivice. It’s only redeeming feature is its interesting wine list. It is a sad waste of prime real estate.

  • Chris in Eckington

    The food is good, but WAY overpriced for what you get. I believe the owner is Chilean and there’s a decent selection of Chilean wine. Word on the street is he is looking to sell.

    • ET


      Always seems a bit weird with the operating hours.

  • Anonymous

    I had an excellent tofu dish and superb chocolate mousse, but if it hadn’t been on someone else’s tab, it probably would have been too expensive.

  • KM

    I like this place, I’ve been twice. First time was on a date, because the place was recommended. Second time was when I had a large group for a birthday dinner. I’ll agree that it is overpriced for what seems to be a limited menu. However, all the food I tried has been good, and I love the ambiance. Also, for the large dinner party, the staff was GREAT. We had good service and no problems. Considering that it was during graduation weekend in DC, I thought that was impressive. I would go back!

  • Carmen

    I lived right around the corner and was so happy to see that there was a restaurant right on Lincoln park!

    However, I went once: Called to reserve for a group of 8 people at 7 pm. Showed up at 7 and the hostess was very angry because she said I reserved for 6 pm. Partner was there when i called, it was indeed for 7 pm. But as I looked around, I noticed that there were NO OTHER PATRONS in the restaurant. I wondered why she would give me such an attitude when it was obviously no big inconvenience either way, given that all of their tables were completely free and open. It was very unprofessional and just not a nice way to start the evening.

    Then while we were eating, we had the pleasure of listening to an argument in the kitchen. The food was good, but I never went back, and never will.

  • I’ve been to this place a total of twice in as many decades. Lived around the corner in the early 1990s; went again a decade later when I moved to Mount Pleasant. It’s exactly as described above: alright food, too expensive, weird hours, strange service, no reason ever to go back.


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