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Dear PoP – Preparing for Snopocalypse

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2010 at 12:30 pm 34 Comments


“Dear PoP,

Hey there, any clue where DC residents can get ice-melting salt? Would be great to plan ahead this time…”

Any good hardware store should have some. In Mt. P you can go to Pfeiffers on Mt. Pleasant Street. In Mt. Vernon Triangle there is a good hardware store on 5th between the safeway and Busboys & Poets (I forget the name). And for the Hill folks of course there is the great Fragers on Pennsylvania Ave, SE. Am I missing any other good ones or other places to pick up melting salt?

Given the huge numbers we’ve been hearing what other supplies will you stock up on besides beer and milk?

  • Fellow Petworthian

    Forget Home Depot on Rhode Island Avenue, they are all out of salt. They did have some shovels left.

  • Mal

    Frozen pizza, wine, diet coke (for the Jack Daniels, of course).

  • PT Varnum

    Salt won’t really be useful until after the storm. Right now you want to find a snow blower. I will be having my kids digging furiously throughout the weekend.

    • Anonymous

      Can wet vac can be used as snow blower?

      • 14t

        HAHAHA no. but please send pictures of any attempts.

        • Dog walker

          I’ve used mine to blow up a jumbo backyard pool. So it *may* blow snow.

    • ah

      True, unless you pre-treat. But you’d have to put down about an inch of salt to melt what we’re supposed to get.

  • Sully

    The one at the sexy safeway on 5th is ACE hardware.

  • MnomeNa

    I do my grocery shopping for the week on Friday/Saturday so I’m stuck having to shop for just about everything. Guess I’ll try to go tonight…the lines @ CoHi Giant are always atrocious anyway.

    Beer is definitely at the top of my list.

  • Anonymous

    I live two blocks away from the great Giant so I don’t think I need to do anyting different interms of getting ready

  • Anon

    @Anonymous regarding the wet-vac idea. Please give it a try and let the rest of us know how it works out. Would love to hear.

    • ah

      I would think it could work with a light snow like we got last weekend, but this isn’t going to be so light.

    • Anonymous

      Second thought, I will do what I did last time: shovel during lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner…

  • PW neighbor

    If you’re looking for salt and can’t find it, I got some last year at the Safeway in Petworth (Georgia Ave/Randolph). I also saw last week that the “green” dog store on 14th has paw-friendly stuff. It works, just cost more, but if you’re desperate…

    • Anonymous

      bed bath and beyond has the “paw-friendly” kind right in the entryway! AND if you do go to B,B&B – don’t forget your $5 or 20% of coupon. Then its the same price as regular salt.

  • CH neighbor

    Bed Bath & Beyond at DCUSA had a ton of melting salt last night (Wed night). Not sure if they still have it in stock today.

  • ConsummateAries

    Lumber…we all need to build Arks so that once the snow melts, and the tsnownami impacts us, we can float away safely.

  • Anonymous

    CVS has the condoms and lube on lockdown…ha!

  • bosscrab

    Other good salt and snow shovel sources in Dupont/Logan:

    True Value Hardware at 17th and Corcoran NW
    Logan Hardware at 14th and P

  • pia

    Just an FYI to the poster that mentioned how close they live to Giant…when we had the storm in 2003 and then this past storm in December, a number of grocery stores closed with little to no warning…

  • chessnerd

    Cooper’s on 14th St in Colombia Heights sold 10 lb bags of salt during the last storm.

  • Bella

    Pet Food! Especially if you live alone with carnivores, such as dogs and cats.

    • Anonymous

      Buy the pet-friendly salt too! The regular kind stings their feet.

  • Victoria

    Giant had lots of salt yesterday

  • FH

    Just got back from the “sexy” Safeway (bought some salt!) and it was 60 minutes in line. I really just needed my regular groceries, but others were preparing for The End. I witnessed one guy get four packages toilet paper (16 rolls/package). Really?

  • MK

    I found salt and firework at 7Eleven.

    • ah

      You could blow up a jumbo backyard pool with that too.

      • Sully


  • MK

    I meant to say firewood

  • Just got back from the CH Giant – it’s the madhouse you’d predict. Some of the lines to check out stretched more than halfway down their respective aisle. I must’ve stumbled across a secret check out line because I was through in less than 10 minutes.

    Now I’m prepared for the city to be snowed under tomorrow since I have milk for my coffee and food for my dog. And wine.

  • newhome

    PoP – Fragers a “great” hardware store? Really? It’s completely disorganized and overpriced. Forget the “neighborhood hardware store” feel – it’s still a TrueValue.

    • You’re joking, right? Yes, it’s more expensive, but the staff is fantastic, knows where everything is, and will teach you how to use it.

      I hope you don’t live on the Hill and say that out loud. You might as well take a shit on the floor of Eastern Market – the response you’d get it about the same.

  • dartag

    Greater Goods on Ust street between 16th and 17th streets NW has the environmentally friendly/ pet friendly ice melt. And as a plus, there is no need to stand in a long line!! Double plus, you support local business!!

  • snow bunny

    Sadly, Pfeiffer’s does not carry rock salt. I asked them about it earlier in the year. They simply aren’t doing enough business to get things like rock salt in store for winter.

    (Please please correct me if I’m wrong)


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