Washington, DC


“Dear PoP,

I was shocked to find out on Saturday that Sticky Fingers (on Park Road, east of 14th) is no longer offering wifi on the weekends. I imagine it’s in response to too many people ordering one cup of coffee and sitting for four hours, but it really takes away my incentive to ever go there. I am currently looking for government jobs, for which the entire application process is online. With my current 9 to 5 job, the best time for me to work on applications is on the weekend and I much prefer doing this outside of my house. I always buy more than just a cup of coffee too. It seems like the greater Columbia Heights neighborhood is desperately in need of more coffee shops/cafes that offer wifi, not fewer. I’ve been at Tryst at 11 pm on a Tuesday and it’s packed with people on their laptops. Any suggestions on a place to find wifi on the weekends? I’d also like to get other readers thoughts on the decision of Sticky Fingers, Tynan, Tryst to not offer wifi at certain times.”

When I stopped in the store they said wifi would no longer be offered on Saturdays but would still be available on Sundays. Please let me know if that’s not accurate. I happen to be a big fan of Columbia Heights Coffee on 11th between Park and Monroe. Though the spot is a bit small. Other readers have mentioned some of their favorite spots here. Since then Mid City Cafe on 14th above Miss Pixie’s also seems to be a popular spot. Please add your recommendations in the comments as well as your thoughts in general on restricting wifi use. Would you pay for wifi at a coffee shop?


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