In Lieu of a FQotD Please Accept a Sneak Preview of Room 11 (Located at Corner of 11th and Lamont)


Forgive me if the following post is not terribly coherent but I am weeping tears of joy as I write this. Plus I’ve had a few glasses of wine… Le Jour de Gloire est arrive. The glorious day has arrived. Or it will arrive Monday, August 10th. As first reported here July 20th the new wine bar, Room 11 is set to open on Monday and had a sneak preview tonight that I was fortunate enough to attend.


It is hard to believe given all the build up but it exceeded my expectations. The place looks fantastic.

Both inside:


And outside:


What is hard to explain is how good the vibe feels. It is simply a very comfortable place. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the wine, food, and proprietors are fantastic! Dan Searing (pictured in the first photo) is one of the nicest people in town and those who remember him from Temperance Hall will surely appreciate his presence here. His famous Punch Club will be continuing on a weekly basis in the near future. In the kitchen is an Aussie, fellow owner and super nice guy, Ben, who will cook up some paninis and eventually some Asian themed food to include possibly Thai Beef Salad, Vietnamese Chicken Salad, Summer Rolls and more.

One of the most delicious things I tasted besides the cheese and prosciutto were the goat cheese cake balls by Paisley Fig:


Room 11 located at the corner of 11th and Lamont Streets, NW is filling a gap for the neighborhood. One of the investors told me, “there is definitely something for everyone, nothing is ordinary. You can find things here that you won’t find anywhere else.” And you’ll also find super nice folks with a super mellow/comfortable vibe. And that’s why I think this place is going to be super successful. Be sure to check them out on Monday. Lots more photos after the jump.



Paninis before:


Paninis after:


Mmm, cheese:


More space inside:



Photos of the menu:



You can see their Web site here They’ll be open Sunday – Thursday from 5pm to 1am and on Friday and Saturday from 5pm – 2am. In the future on Sat. and Sun. they’ll likely be open earlier around 11am or 12pm for some brunch style pastries. Stay tuned for that.

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