Dear PoP – Rights for Renters in a Condo Building

by Prince Of Petworth June 11, 2009 at 11:00 am 31 Comments

Garbage Men, originally uploaded by Sean Hages.


“Dear PoP,

I’m living downtown in a condo building on the first floor. My apartment is one of the only ones that is rented, so I feel like I’m a “less important” tenant when it comes to the condo board. I have contacted them about this problem already, and they weren’t able to / didn’t want to do anything, but I just wanted to get some reader’s opinions on this.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 7:15 am, the trash guys come and haul up our trash from the basement. This entails them *BANGING* it up the marble stairs, through the lobby, and *BANGING* it down the front door stairs. They take it outside, then they come back in to bang it back down the stairs. This wakes me up 3 times a week, for almost a year now, and I can’t handle it anymore. We have a quiet hour policy that runs 11pm-8am, and I stated that in my e-mails to the condo board, but the only thing they did was tell me to wear earplugs. Fine, I wear earplugs. Doesn’t help since my entire apartment shakes while they are banging garbage cans around. Tenants up to the third floor are also disturbed.

Anyone have any advice on how to approach this? I don’t care if they bang garbage cans around, but do it outside of quiet hours! I respect other tenant’s right to quiet, why can’t our contractors do the same?!”

Wow, I feel the frustration here. Personally I’m most interested to learn about how folks who rent in condo buildings are treated. In this example, I think the condo board’s advice to wear earplugs is preposterous. A buddy of mine rents in a condo building and hasn’t had any problems. Have others who rent in condo buildings felt that their complaints are not heard or respected?

Again, in this instance, it seems you should talk with the other units that are affected by the noise and if they own perhaps they can have a bit more clout resolving the problem. Ear plugs is most definitely not the answer. What do you guys think? Anyone face a similar situation?


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