Thank You IMGoph for Reminding Nichole of Mangialardo’s

by Prince Of Petworth January 2, 2009 at 11:00 am 10 Comments


In the comments on my post about Taylor Gourmet a couple of weeks ago, IMGoph pointed out that I had been remiss in mentioning Margialardo’s on the Hill (14th and PA Ave SE) when I discussed the remarkably few places around town to get a decent sandwich. Mangialardo’s keeps old timey bankers’ hours (7:30am-3pm, M-F) so unless you’re working in the neighborhood, you are going to miss out. Since I only live on the Hill, it’d been years since I had the opportunity to stop in, but my current unemployed state allowed me to stop in last week.

I got there post lunch-rush (around 2pm) and got a G-Man for myself and a Big G for my sandwich loving friend. There was only one other couple in front of me, so I put my order in and waited about 10 minutes for my sandwich. The goods were cheap – I think $15ish for both sandwiches and a soda. Much to my friend’s glee, they put will gladly put mayo on your sub (Taylor doesn’t even keep the stuff in the store). This is a sandwich more in the A. Litteri style than the Taylor style, and while it was good, and certainly filling, we both ended the meal with an “eh.” It wasn’t bad – at all. It was certainly good. But Litteri’s is better. And Taylor is different – also good. But in the quest for a decent sandwich in DC, you can do better than Mangialardo’s. If the city had better outposts for procuring a great sandwich, I don’t think Mangialardo’s would warrant much of a mention (in fairness, the same might be said for Litteri’s) but here, it’s far, far above average and definitely worth checking out if you can make it over to the Hill before 3pm on a weekday.



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