PoP Turns Two Years Old – Let’s Party and Drink Bacardi

by Prince Of Petworth November 13, 2008 at 1:47 am 21 Comments


To celebrate head on over to Wonderland (11th and Kenyon) at 8pm tonight. Milkmachine goes on stage at 9pm and O’Tasty plays at 10pm.

So let me take this opportunity to say a few words of thanks. First of all if you asked me two years ago if I thought this little blog I was starting would become what it is today, I’d have said “you know sniffing glue isn’t really good for you”. In the two years PoP has been live it has expanded to include coverage of many of DC’s neighborhoods. In the year to come I hope to cover even more. The site has grown from 30 readers a day to over 3000. There have been 4,334 posts and 33,793 comments. I have walked roughly 750 miles around the city. I have discovered more sweet doors and coffee spots than I ever thought was possible. I have encountered and tried to share with you what I consider ‘The Beautiful Life’. However, we’ve also discussed the bad times. The discussion, for the most part, has been civil and thoughtful and for that I am most grateful. The knowledge of the readers never ceases to amaze me.

So first and foremost let me say thank you to all the readers/commenters who are really the ones who make this site a fun place to visit. Let me say thank you to all the tipsters. Without your tips it would be impossible for me to know what is going on all over the city. Let me say thank you to all the folks who have sent in photos. I’d especially like to thank those who have shared photos of their homes and renovations and withered the critiques of strangers. I’d like to thank everyone who has invited me to parties, dinners, happy hours and into their homes.

I’d like to thank my guest posters and regular contributors for their invaluable help. Thanks to past contributors Intangible Arts, John, Julian and Karen. Thanks to current contributors, Eric Nuzum, Hipchickindc, Robyn Mincher, Brightwood Living, Tina, Rachel and Nichole.

Thanks to Martin my IT guy who is more patient than you can possibly imagine. Thanks to Jason for designing the PoP logo. Thanks to Micah for designing the new t-shirts.

Thank you to Councilmembers Muriel Bowser and Jim Graham who have always been responsive to my requests and queries. Thanks to ANC member Joe Martin whose perspective and advice regarding city issues has been invaluable. Thanks to MPD and other city agencies for their responsiveness to issues raised here.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers who have been kind enough to link to PoP. I’d also like to thank Sommer Mathis and Heather Goss from DCist for their many links and advice, I’d like to thank the Washington Post’s Marc Fisher for his advice and profile which introduced PoP to many new readers. Thanks to Bill Crandall from Petworth News for his very early support. I’d also like to thank Washingtonian, Washington City Paper, DC Blogs, and Express for their coverage.

A year from now I hope to be able to announce that I’ll be taking PoP full time. To do so I’ll obviously need the continued support and expansion of advertisers. So thanks to realtor Kevin Wood for his very early support. Thanks also to Solea Condominiums, Fresh Off the Roast Coffee, Urban Tastes, Chix, Captiol Hill Home Inspection, and BCS Baskets and Gifts.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this site a fun place to visit. Hope to see you all at Wonderland tonight!

  • Christina

    Thank you for all you do, PoP!

  • Anonymous

    I moved to DC about two years ago and your blog has been such a big help in getting to know the city. I’m not sure I would be as well acclimated without it. I’ve also found myself noticing the little things – great doors, house numbers, etc. Thanks, PoP for all that you do!

  • anonymouse

    Good on you PoP. Congrats on the milestone. It is quite impressive.
    I look forward to future additions such as “Corner of the Day”, “Busted up Car of the Day”, and “Hairdo of the Day”. Just a few suggestions.

  • mjbrox

    would wearing a POP shirt to the POP party be like wearing the shirt of the band that you are going to go see live?

    I do not want to be that guy

  • Nita

    Happy Birthday PoP. Love your blog…it contributed greatly to my decision to move to Petworth; a decision I don’t regret!

  • New Hampy

    Reading PoP every morning has become a staple of my day. I enjoy it immensely and learn a great deal. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Congratulations and thank you for providing a much needed diversion during the word day!

  • christopher

    i want to wish you a happy anniversary and thank you for keeping me at maximum of 48% efficiency while at my desk each day… my boss wishes for your painful demise!

  • eva

    Thank you for making our community as vibrant online as it is in real life. Like Anonymous, I moved to DC two years ago and a coworker had also moved here at about the same time. She lived (and still lives) in Petworth and turned me on to your site. It’s been a lot of fun learning about our neighborhoods. So…keep up the good work!

  • Odentex

    You aren’t too bad, PoP.

  • I’ve been reading PoP since the day I moved to Petworth after a neighborhood suggested it as a good source of information and an interesting vehicle to indoctrinate myself with the various overlooked nooks and crannies of DC. In that time I’ve made quite a few friends and some enemies during our daily discussions and I’ve found a community that deeply cares about their neighborhood no matter what side of the issue they come down on. Cheers to Petworth, and Props to PoP.

  • Kalia

    Congrats PoP!!! And thank you for all your hard work and passion for this blog and for this community!

    mjbrox, I will def be sporting a PoP T-shirt and I think we should all wear them if we have them or buy one if we don’t :) Think of it more as wearing a team jersey to a sporting event if it makes you feel better!

  • Binklesworth

    Yay! Milk Machine! Sorry, what’s the occassion?

  • You’re alright with me, PoP. Keep up the great work!

  • Nichole


  • Otis Gal



    CONGRATULATIONS! Hope to see you tonight. Your early days Petworth buddies on Taylor Street really appreciate the great job you do. Just one question – are you still carrying the shillelagh during walks around the neighborhood?

  • saf

    Congrats dude – we’re away, but we’ll raise a glass in your honor.

  • Great Job and Happy bday. You’ve quickly become an institution.

  • Anonymous

    congratulations and thank you!

  • Andrew

    Congrats, Danielman, on your virtual success (no pun intended)…living the Beautiful Life is seemingly a tough thing to do/find these days, especially in DC, and you keep this place more lively for your troubles…thanks. Multiple Delirium bottles on me later, and breath deep on your next constitutional….


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