Hipchickindc Gets Her Wallet Stolen and Questions Her Liberal Leanings

“I know people who have been held up at gun point. I was not. My wallet was stolen in an instant of stupidity and distraction.

Most Sundays you’ll either find me showing property or holding an Open House. This past Sunday was an Open House day at one of my listings on Capitol Hill. It was a beautiful Fall day, so the traffic was good. Several of the teenagers from around the neighborhood came through early in the afternoon. It’s a really nice house and they were curious. Around 4pm I was starting to turn off lights and close up and one of the girls came back with a friend. I also had a woman stop through around the same time. Since I was closing up, I had moved my purse from the closet and had it in a corner with some other stuff. I stepped back into the kitchen to show the woman the parking out back. In the two minutes it took to return to the living room, the girls were out of there and my purse was a lot lighter than it had been.  Story continues after the jump.

The first thing I did was call my bank and shut off my account. I went outside and found a couple of the other kids who had been by earlier in the day, and I asked them to please look out for the wallet. It didn’t even occur to me to report the incident to the police until I called my manager, who immediately asked me if I had called 911. I guess I had been thinking there wasn’t much they could do.

The police came by and took the information and gave me a case number. I’m still not sure there is much they can do, but I felt a little better after talking to them.

I don’t usually carry much cash beyond lunch and parking money, but, of course, I happened to have a hundred dollar bill that was meant to go toward my daughter’s school uniforms. Before I was able to cancel my credit cards, the thief took her friends out for a $31. dinner at Subway.

A well meaning friend said to me, “maybe she was hungry and needed the meal.” Unfortunately, that thought does little to alleviate the feeling of having been violated, coupled with the major pain in the ass of replacing everything that was in there.

It also makes me feel really sad. I wanted to give the girls the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe my wallet fell out when it was in the car or something, but the Subway charge verified that it had indeed been stolen. When I told another friend, he said, “kind of makes you want to move to Bethesda, doesn’t it?”

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