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Ellwood Thompson’s Organic Grocery Deal Signed. Also the New York Giants Win the Super Bowl

by Prince Of Petworth October 7, 2008 at 11:22 pm 19 Comments

ET_DC, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

In the most anti-climactic news of the week, the Ellwood Thompson deal was finally signed bringing the grocery to the DC USA Complex in Columbia Heights. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is great news. It was simply known for quite a while. I guess I’m a little disappointed because I and a number of local bloggers had recieved an email tip saying “Heads up // big DC culinary news coming this week…”. So I guess I was hoping that a Peter Lugar’s Steakhouse was going to open up in DC. Anyway, I think the drawing looks great. And from what I hear the store will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

They did produce a great video about the store:
From the press release:

Ellwood Thompsons // At A Glance from Ellwood Thompson's on Vimeo.

“The local, organic and natural market is slated to open in fall/winter of 2009 and will be nearly 15,000 square feet. In addition, this growth will bring 90-110 new jobs to the area, everything from managerial to general positions, with great benefits and a unique and meaningful working environment.

Like the Richmond store, each department of the Columbia Heights market will emphasize local products found within a 100-mile radius. Offerings will include naturopathic vitamins, supplements and personal care, local produce, bulk, meat and seafood, wine, cheeses and fresh baked goods. Prepared foods from Ellwood’s Kitchen will be led by award-winning chef and vegan cookbook author, Jannequin Bennett. It will cater to intentional eaters as well as provide a variety of natural, organic, and ethnically diverse dishes. Those who elect to eat vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and/or raw foods will find plenty of options in all departments. There will be inside and outside community seating with wireless internet available.

Ellwood Thompson’s will also offer incentives for conservation and recycling in the form of monetary envirocredits for walking, biking and mass transit and reusing shopping bags, water and food containers.”

So I guess the question is will you shop at Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan, the Giant on Park Road or the upcoming Ellwood Thompson’s?

  • New2CH

    Teeter is great but too far for those of us without cars. I will continue to shop at Giant for things like cereal and peanut butter but Ellwood’s for anything like fish, prepared foods, produce, etc. Rendering looks great and the store sounds wonderful. Please tell me the timeline if fall 2009 / winter 2009, NOT fall 2009 … can not WAIT for this place to open.

  • New2CH

    meant so say please tell me the timeline is fall 2008 / winter 2009, NOT fall 2009.

  • Anonymous

    I am stunned you forgot to mention the soon-to-be Yes! Organic Foods right here in our very own Petworth neighborhood – all part of the “good life, right”. I will shop there first. woohoo!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Oops! You are right. Or the upcoming Yes! Organic Markets both in Petworth at Georgia and Taylor as well as the upcoming Yes! at 14th and V. My bad!

  • Amy

    I am originally from Richmond and very familiar with Ellwood Thompson. It is a great store, and very “granola”. The preprepared food is fantastic and the produce was always fresh. I am very excited about it coming. I will go to Teeter for my staples and Ellwood Thompson for fresh stuff.

    In case anyone wants to know how the market got it’s name, the original store is at the intersection of Ellwood and Thompson in the Museum District of Richmond, VA. It is right between my old laundry mat and a Blockbuster.

  • Otis Pl

    This is great news.

  • ElevenIrving

    Does anyone know how good Ellwood’s meat departments are? I’m not crazy about the meat and even more so fish departments at Giant so I was hoping this would solve that problem. Given their focus on vegetarian stuff though maybe not?

  • Nikki

    I’m from Richmond too and Ellwood Thompson always has great selections for meat eaters. They have awesome steaks, great deli meat and the best curry chicken salad ever! I used to pick up salmon stuffed with crab meat too when they had it. Their prepared foods section and buffet would change every few days which is much better than Whole Foods never changing meatballs, catfish, rice and papusas.

  • EE

    Sadly, I have read in other fora that the opening date is indeed a year or more off.

  • springroadintoaction

    This is super exciting. The produce at Giant is absolutely terrible (actually everything is), and almost non-existent at the Safeway on Georgia. I’m looking forward to vegetables that don’t rot as soon as I get them home. And lines that don’t take a hour to get through.

    Harris Teeter may be awesome, but it’s far too far away to walk. But I’m sure I’ll be spending quite a bit at both Ellwood’s and YES.

  • saf

    ElevenIrving – I don’t trust supermarket meat. I either go to a farm market (DuPont or 8th St usually) or to the butchers at Eastern Market. It makes a difference. I especially like the farm market. NOT cheap. But humanely and locally raised, and so, something I am willing to eat.

  • ElevenIrving

    Given what Nikki said I would expect to shop at Elwood Thompson’s on a daily basis. On a weekly basis I would stock up on non-edible goods at either Target or Giant, depending on comparative prices.

  • Toby

    For fish and meat, I would never THINK of going to a neighborhood Giant or Safeway. But Whole Foods has beautiful fish, meat and chicken. But you still need the neighborhood supermarkets for canned goods, paper towels and things they can’t ruin. Can’t wait to try this new store.

  • Never been to the teeter, and I refuse to buy meat at the Stinky Safeway so I’ll be doing the majority of my shopping at CH Giant and will probably check out YES! and whatever this other one is depending on my geographic location at the time.

  • GforGood

    Yep, it definitely will NOT open this coming winter – just look how long it is taking to get even the much simpler set up of the Yes near U St to open. Plus, I think I read somewhere Elwood’s is planning to build a dedicated elevator to the carage. That alone will take several months probably.

    Anyway, I am SUPER exited. Hope their prices too are ok, although I am willing to pay substantially more for good quality meet, fish and cheese. And competition with Giant can only make Giant try a little harder too, I hope (unless they are trying to cut costs even more etc.).

  • New2CH

    Wow, one year is a looooong time to wait but better late than never. Something else to look forward to a year from now, along with the completion of the new civic plaza …

  • Sammy

    I am a Teeter fan, solely because they double coupons under a dollar. Yes, I clip coupons. Times are hard!

  • [email protected]

    Wanted to let you know that Ellwoods is so excited about becoming part of CH. Nikki and Amy thanks for sharing your Ellwoods experiences! About the opening date – it will be late 2009 – there’s lots of work to do, but we’re going to make it worth the wait.

    Meat eaters – Ellwoods has a great selection of meat and seafood, we won reader’s choice “Best of Richmond” awards in Richmond Magazine this summer for our meat, cheese and produce selections. Meats are pastured, grass-fed varieties, many from Virginia-based farms. As for seafood, our standards are stringent – we only sell varieties that are healthy and harvested responsibly (and fresh and delicious of course).

    Can’t wait to get there!

  • Anonymous

    What is the working environment like at this place? How well do they pay?


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