Washington, DC

Parking Lot at St. Mary’s Church, originally uploaded by Kyle Walton.

Thanks to a reader for sending the following update about the New Hampshire Ave beautification project.

“As a result of a unanimous vote last night, ANC 4C will be sending a letter to DDOT asking that the block of NH Avenue NW between Randolph and Shepherd be maintained without a traffic island, allowing First Baptist congregants to continue parking in the middle of the street during Sunday and special services. As part of traffic-calming measures, DDOT has already started the installation of traffic islands that will contain trees and other plantings on New Hampshire Avenue NW between Sherman Avenue NW and Grant Circle.”

There was also a bit of discussion on this topic over at Petworth News.

So the Friday question of the Day is: If a Church has been here for many years and has come to count on parking in the middle of the street on Sunday, then is it fair to create a beautification project that removes this parking? Personally, I’m very conflicted on this issue so I’ll be interested to hear what you guys think.


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