Rentals of the Week by Karen

by Prince Of Petworth May 16, 2008 at 11:00 am 3 Comments



I really love DC rowhouses for their architectural shape and their propensity to mimic castles. You have to love those circular rooms within the attached towers. True, awkwardly, you can’t put your furniture flush to the walls–your bookcases and dressers in particular will look very, very odd–but still.


This Columbia Heights luxury two-level apartment is $3,195 for a two bedroom, two-and-a-half bath on 14th and Monroe. All utilities are included–and I mean all of ’em: internet, phone, and cable in addition to the regular gas/water/electric. It also comes completely furnished, and not just with your run of the mill furniture: printers, leather reading chairs, cooking utensils, and an upright piano (!) are included. More rentals after the jump.



This one is $5,950 for the seven bedroom, three bath on 10th and Lamont.

Yeah, that’s right. You heard me. Seven bedrooms. This rental has seven bedrooms. And not the five bedroom/two closet passed off as far more than it was ever designed to be. According to the ad, all seven bedrooms are bona fide. I’ve never encountered a row house yet that has that many bedrooms. In my personal opinion based on experience, you’d need to find some amazingly like minded and behaviorally similar people to share it. I live in a 5 person house (which has housed up to seven at a time–significant others and friends needing a place to crash and the like–and it can be harrowing at times trying to accommodate such a range of needs and personalities.

So what do you think would make living with six other roommates an easier experience? I think the more bathrooms the better, and you can’t ever go wrong with sound-proofing. Kitchens will always be difficult, though, no matter how many people you live with and how courteous everyone is.



Man, is that kitchen yellow. $2,400 for a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath in Brightwood Park on 8th and Longfellow. (That’s approximately $600 per person, and that includes nearly a full bathroom each. Just for those who are keeping track, which is probably everyone.)

The first kitchen is brand-newly remodeled, with tiled floors, black granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Amazingly, there’s a second kitchen in the basement with its own stainless steel as well (er, or not so amazingly–it’s a little hard to tell from the posting whether the basement is its own unit or if its fully integrated with the rest of the house).


What do you think of that yellow? A good color? A good color but not for the kitchen? I generally want as much color in my life as possible so I’d revel in a yellow kitchen (or red or purple kitchen, for that matter) but I know plenty of people who think differently. One of my friends recently consulted me on what color he should paint his kitchen. To my bemusement, to every color I suggested (I went through nearly the whole rainbow with him) he responded with a “no, that color kitchen will make me hungry.” Uh, it’s the kitchen. Isn’t that the point??


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