Random PoP Query

by Prince Of Petworth May 29, 2008 at 11:00 am 51 Comments


I was really intrigued by this bumper sticker. Every now and then I hear some report that people are upset with the name Redskins but it tends to die down pretty quickly. I actually went to college at a school where we were called the Redskins and when I was a senior there was a vote on whether or not to change the name. Well, if I recall correctly, the students voted overwhelming to keep the name the Redskins. And the next year it was changed to the Redhawks. And nobody cares about the name change anymore. So if the name Redskins is insensitive, even to just a few, why won’t they change the name? History? Marketing? Is it not really offensive and people are being too PC? So do you think the name should be changed? Any guesses on why it hasn’t changed? Have any suggestions for a new name?


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