Comment from an Apparent Firefighter Regarding the Jerry’s Kids Fund Raiser

by Prince Of Petworth April 11, 2008 at 10:30 am 2 Comments

I thought this comment from the Jerry’s Kids Firefighter fund raiser was worth noting:

“We were ORDERED out of service to collect money (I do not work at the station pictured.) There was a memo from the “Fire” chief put out stating what companies would be out off service to collect money, and at which metro stations they would be collecting. No one one riding a fire engine or fire truck was happy about this. We come to work to WORK. Volunteer firefighters have always done fill the boot, and while a lot of us volunteer elsewhere, we were being paid by your (and my) tax dollars to do this. There are no volunteers in DC, as it should be. Why weren’t the ambulances staffed by firemen ordered out of service to do this too? In years past, money was collected by asking DC FIREMEN to hand a guy in their firehouse money from their wallet for the MDA fundraiser. The new “Fire” chief is a worthless camera hog.”


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