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Renovation Question

Help a PoP Reader out, he writes:

“I am currently renovating my 1,475 sf rowhouse in Historic Anacostia, and wonder if this proposed change would help or hurt me in the long run:

Right now there are 3 bedrooms upstairs, but all of them are very small and there is no clear “master bedroom”. The bedrooms are all in a row along a hallway, and right now I am considering eliminating the center bedroom and turning it into walk-in closets for the other two bedrooms. Only two of the bedrooms have closets right now, but the closets are extremely small (about 3ft X 3ft each).

I am also thinking about combing the front two rooms to create a larger master bedroom.

Eventually I will sell the house, and need to know if having 3 bedrooms will get me a higher price simply because there are more, or if I could get an equally high price with only two bedrooms, although in the second scenario each bedroom would have sizeable walk-in closets. I am leaning towards the changes because it would make the house more “modern-person-friendly” despite technically having less rooms.

Any and all suggestions and advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!”

My answer: I say you do whatever you will most enjoy. Who can predict what will happen down the road? Within reason, you gotta do what makes you happy? But I super curious as to what others think.


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