Dear PoP-Volume 24

by Prince Of Petworth October 23, 2007 at 11:06 pm 3 Comments

Dear PoP,

Since this will be my first Halloween in the neighborhood, I was wondering if you could provide some advice on providing candy to trick-or-treaters. Do kids trick-or-treat in Petworth/Columbia Heights?


First Timer

Dear First Timer,
Hell yes they do! Our cousin to the east, Frozen Tropics,wrote a pretty good post on this topic that is worth checking out.

I can assure you that the kids of Petworth/Columbia Heights trick or treat with gusto! Honest to God you will see some of the cutest kids on the face of the earth. It is true not all will be wearing costumes but who cares?! Buy plenty of candy and be especially prepared during the hours of 6-8pm. In the past I haven’t witnessed any destruction at all (knock wood). This is a great time to become a part of the community. Enjoy!


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