“Props to the Cops-Attempted robbery”

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

“This afternoon [Monday], around 12pm, my partner was sitting in his car writing an email on his phone in front of Streets Market on 14th when a man approached the car and knocked on the window. He lowered the window a couple inches, and the man demanded that he hand over everything on him. Luckily a car turned up the street at that moment, distracting the would-be robber, and he was able to drive away and call the police. Police were on the scene in 20 minutes, and were able to apprehend the suspect, as he had already robbed someone right before. Thanks to the police, this guy is off the streets, at least for now.”

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  • I’m glad that they caught the guy, but reading “police were on the scene in 20 minutes” is pretty disheartening. This is a major thoroughfare and close enough to the Cardozo campus (where there have been several big crime incidents lately) that they should have been there much, much faster.

  • Oh not to many comments on this post good job to the men and women in blue. Thanks for all you do. You can’t please everybody. Like the person who commented above. Just never pleased.

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