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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: our building permit was submitted Friday! Yay! Does anyone have recommendations for expeditors?
    Rant: We had to tear out the carpets because they were so unsanitary, and have unleashed a storm of fleas in the process. They aren’t touching my fiance but they are attacking me like the world is ending. We’ll be fogging the place today, but in the meantime I look like a meth addict.

    • ugh i had fleas this summer… they didn’t seem to bother my cat at all… just me… good luck with the fogging!

    • OH MY GOD we are currently battling fleas, and have been for what feels like months. I’m losing my mind. We have tried the raid upholstery spray, which worked in the past but is apparently useless this time around, and have just now upgraded to zoecon precor spray. Hoping that will do the trick. It’s so embarrassing!

    • Fleas? Do you have a pet? If so, make sure to dose it with a sterilizing flea control. Because fleas move around from host to host, they will all be exposed eventually, and soon won’t be able to reproduce, and then your problem is over.
      If you don’t have a pet to act as a distribution tool… maybe borrow one??

  • Rant: PoPville was doing fine not crashing my browser this morning until half an hour into a chat with my student loan servicer when they were just about to answer my question. Chrome flaked out and I had to start all over again at #20 in the queue. I should have just called them.
    Rant: Terrible Uber experience yesterday with a driver that didn’t know where she was going. Made a wrong turn onto the highway instead of over towards the Mall. Ended up getting out and walking when we arrived back in the District because she wouldn’t listen to my instructions….
    Rant: And because of Uber driver, ended up being an hour late for a first date even though I left my house half an hour early to go 2.5 miles. Would not blame date if he never talked to me again.
    Rant: I am full of superficial rants and I feel guilty for being disgruntled when other people have real, awful problems. I wish putting things into perspective made me feel better, but in reality it just makes me feel worse.
    Rave: Happy Monday? I’ve actually never been so happy to start a new week.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Sorry – working on the crashing issues. Still from Chrome right? Anyone else having issues not using Chrome?

      • Thanks, PoP. It was fine this weekend and this morning! It was just one instance when I reloaded. It may have been a fluke.

    • Did you complain to Uber customer service? They will definitely refund your ride.

      • Ahh, but will Uber customer service apologize to FridayGirl’s date on her behalf?

        • Hahaha… I did, first they refunded me down to the quote I was originally given, then I had to re-explain to them that not only was I an hour late but I ~never actually made it to my destination~. And then they refunded the full amount.
          They did not, however, apologize to my date. That would be a nice feature, textdoc!

  • Rant: Doctor canceled my follow-up appointment and hasn’t returned any calls or urgent message – five days later. I can’t get past the frontdesk gate keeper. And I’m stuck in this boot without knowing if I actually need to be in this boot. AND I’m on blood thinners that are super expensive until I’m out of the boot.
    Rave: Still able to bike with the boot so had a great bike ride in Central Park yesterday and hung out with my husband in the Met.
    Rant: Logistics.
    Rave: Last week of old job, new job next week.
    Rave: Pumpkin bundt cake and new writing notebooks

    • Andie302

      Congrats on the new gig – I think I missed the announcement while we were traveling! Does this put you in NYC full time?

      • I wish! Sadly, no. But same three days in NYC, two days in DC with opportunity for full-time NYC in the future- so amtrak commute is still my life. But more pay, awesome job, great colleagues, and stable funding! A huge improvement overall. Thanks for the congrats!

        • Andie302

          Those all sound pretty amazing! Congrats again!

        • maxwell smart

          Good thing about Amtrak commutes – those Amtrak points add up fast! First-class upgrades, Club Acela access (early boarding in Penn Station is amazing) and best of all, when you fly, you get access into the United Club at the airport.

          • I know! And my husband travels internationally a lot for work and if you have the amtrak card + take amtrak to Newark to fly out, you get Amtrak points based on the miles you fly. So I’ve been traveling with points for months now!

  • Spent Saturday canvassing in a semi rural part of PA for Hillary. It was…both inspiring and depressing. It was a very poor area, and people are still economically depressed, with no real opportunities now that local factories have fled the area. Those jobs are not coming back, and people need to re-trained to do new types of work. Also, every second house was either boarded up, or was on the rental market by the same management company (shady). Also, we were completely drenched by torrential downpours throughout the day.
    Rave: Still glad I did it.

    • Can you share info re: volunteering in PA for HRC? Did you organize with a group from DC? Would love to get involved. Thanks!

  • Rave: Bathroom renovation is actually ahead of schedule! We should have use of everything but the shower by Thursday.
    Rant: Sleeping on the futon in my home office has been less than acceptable. I now feel guilty for having guests sleep there. My poor back and neck.
    Rave: Bought so many gorgeous apples this weekend. I see an apple tart in my future.
    Rant: Belly touchers. I get it – I have a baby belly and you want to feel it but it’s such an invasion of privacy to me. I’m barely comfortable with my wife touching it, so it should go without saying that strangers should stay the heck away.

    • oh my lord, Rabbitx3! I can’t believe random people come up to you and try to touch your belly, that is absurd!!! Have you ever considered touching their belly right back? That ought to bring them to their senses!

    • Ugh on strangers thinking it’s OK to touch your belly — I don’t understand that.

    • I am so grateful that this never happened to me or I think I would have been arrested for assault. If only pregnant mamas could carry tasers. 😉

    • Bear

      Luckily only close friends have attempted the belly rub, and they have the common sense to ask. And with them, I don’t mind at all. Strangers? Hell no. The other thing that is starting to get on my nerves is other people (coworkers, friends, strangers alike) policing my behavior. Like the random dude at the grocery store who told me to make sure the cheese I was getting was pasteurized. I know he meant well, but a) I am an adult and fully capable of identifying things I should and should not be eating, and b) what I do choose to put in my body is the business of me, my doctor, and the father of my child. Full stop.

  • skj84

    Rave/Rant: One of those jam packed weekends that was a lot of fun, but not relaxing in any way, shape or form.
    Rant: Guy friend who started acting weird towards me once he realized I’m dating someone. Granted this guy and I had a brief thing years ago, but he entered a long term relationship a few months afterwards. Long term relationship has now ended and I guess he’s looking to move on? I’m hoping I’m reading more into this than whats actually going on, I considered this guy a really good friend.

  • maxwell smart

    RAVE: Yesterday turned out to be such a beautiful day! It was the perfect day to flâneur about DC. We’re in the perfect – it’s okay to do tourist stuff – season. The kids are back in school and field trips haven’t started.

  • Rant/Rave: Baby Artie started solids this weekend, and this morning his teacher told me he may be moving up to the bigger baby room soon. I can’t handle how quickly he’s growing up. He’s such a delight.
    Rave: Lovely catch up brunch with a dear friend yesterday. I need more of those moments in my life.
    Rant: My sister is not only moving back to our hometown but moving next door to my mom and step-dad. She and her partner are buying a house without having jobs yet. And she’s not planning to give notice to her employer until after closing, which means she’d be commuting two hours each way for a month. I can’t help but think she’s crazy all the way around for the way this is playing out. I’m trying to bite my tongue and keep telling myself “not my circus, not my monkeys.” But I can’t help but feel a ton of anxiety; this could go very wrong if things don’t fall into place for them as planned.

    • Things can also go very wrong even if people get jobs first before moving or buying – those of us who don’t work for the federal government (which is actually common outside of the DC area – not working for the government, that is) generally don’t have any job protections and can lose jobs in a minute for no reason. So, most people are acting on leaps of faith in making plans like buying homes or even signing a lease – even when that isn’t necessarily technically warranted unless you are independently wealthy and conservatively invested. Generally in life you have to assume things are going to work out, even when they might not (as they almost always might not.) At least if you own the place you can take in a roommate or rent your basement for more cash, which you aren’t always allowed to do in a rental – and you do have to have someplace to live. Maybe she’ll decide the commute isn’t that bad and keep commuting until she finds a job closer – that would be smart.

  • Rave: my sister and I partnered to finish my mom’s resume and cover letter.
    Rant: my mom printed them and is taking them to her sister’s house so her sister can scan them and attach them. She will never learn. Ever.
    Rave: great weekend! Crafty Bastards was excellent this year and I got a few nice things. The dump was as good as it always is.
    Rant: I packed so much into my weekend I didn’t get enough done around the house and I’m so tired.
    Question: Has anyone done the Bourbon Trail, based out of Louisville? My friend wants to take a two day tour that hits our four “must do” distilleries, but also hits a bunch of others and I think that’s overkill.

    • No offense to your mom, but does she not get that her lack of skills in relation to these relatively simple tasks may mean that she is not a good candidate for whatever job she is applying for? I got the sense that she was going from a floor nursing type job to an admin nursing type job? She may seriously want to consider some classes to boost her skills.

      • No offense taken, she is pretty bad at using a computer and she knows it. Actually, I think she’s a bad fit for this job, it involves database management and report generation, but I just did not have the heart to tell her that.
        We suggested some places where she can learn more, we’ll see if she uses any of those resources.

  • Rant: Salmon croquettes fell apart last night while cooking them.
    Rant: My apartment smelled like salmon croquettes.
    Rave: Got the long grain and wild rice cooked perfectly.
    Rant: Losing interest in the TV shows I used to enjoy.
    Rave: Pants are feeling loser lately. Maybe I am losing weight.
    Rave: Up to walking 3 miles at least twice a week. Need to add weights to my workout routine but unsure where to start.
    Rant: I have to take a professional picture at work on Thursday. I know it’s going to turn out bad.
    Rant: I need dress pants for work.

    • Andie302

      Regarding the weights, I had a nurse once tell me just to add a one lb weight on my wrists for my walk, and then maybe eventually add another pound to each leg. It seemed like a totally do-able thing, but was also a step in the right direction. Congrats on your progress!

    • @Chinatown: Try refrigerating the croquettes for 15 min before frying; it really does help.

  • Rave: Relaxing rainy Saturday full of yoga, markets, and lazing about.
    Rave-ish: Made it to Crafty Bastards on Sunday, but after a long and rather haphazard trip – what I thought was going to be a fairly easy metro ride/walk turned into a series of annoyances when I got to Fort Totten to transfer and realized I had forgotten about SafeTrack work. Then I decided I’d just uber it instead of waiting 24 minutes to transfer, but my phone died, so i just started walking until I managed to catch a bus that put me on the right track. I eventually made it, and the craft fair was really neat but sort of overwhelming with the crowds, I think i just wasn’t in the right head space to handle all those people. But fun meeting up with Jeslett and seeing some really cool things!
    Rant: I have a slight sunburn on my neck from yesterday. Where the hell is fall?!
    Rant: Didn’t get to bed until 1, then woke up at 5 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I’m surprisingly wired right now, but I have a feeling that come 2 pm., staying awake is going to be a serious challenge!
    Rave: Got a call from BFF out in CA, great to chat and catch up and hear about the shenanigans her kids put her through.

  • Rant: anyone else having trouble with the African American Museum ticket release? At 9 am, they were supposed to open up January-March tickets. What appears on the page is only October, and when you click a date in October, it actually gives you that day in January. Nothing beyond.

    Rave: got museum tickets for January.

    • skj84

      Not this current batch, but I had issues when I booked in August. It kept giving me messages that I couldn’t book more than 4 when I was trying to only book 2. It ended up being a happy accident, when all was said and done I somehow ended up with 6 tickets for October 8th rather than 2. My mother was so thrilled I was able to offer her tickets.

    • I have been trying to get January tickets for an hour, but have not been successful.

    • That’s odd. I have tickets for a Saturday in November and didn’t have any problems when I booked those. It has to be a weird glitch. I can guarentee that October was booked when I reserved my tickets for November so if it takes you to January after you click, just roll with it.

    • Now that you explained what you saw, I had no problem. January!

  • Rant: I failed my one hour gestational diabetes screen so I’m currently sitting in the doctor’s office taking the 3-hour tolerance test. Had to fast 12 hours and the drink was double the sugar as last time so I feel gross. And they’ll only let me drink 8 oz of water over 3 hours–thank goodness I hydrated ahead of time.
    Rant: Ugh I eat really healthy for the most part and exercise A LOT–I’m still running and lifting weights at over 7 months pregnant. I HATE that I may have GD. When I was in high school, I was super overweight and had type II diabetes. Through eating and working out I lost over 60 lbs and for over 10 years now I’ve been diabetes free. This makes me feel like I’ll always be prone and I can’t ever really indulge like others 🙁
    Rave: At least the doctor’s office has wifi so I can work remotely! And at least I have awesome insurance that covers all of these tests and makes sure baby is ok.

    • A lot of women fail the first test but past the longer one. Hang in there! You don’t have a diagnosis yet. And best of luck with that test. The sugar drink sent me into such a blood sugar rage.

      • As predicted, about 30 minutes after the test baby started dancing like a nut which does make me laugh :). I hope I pass this one, but if not at least I know I have to really monitor things!

    • I had GD…. it has nothing to do with exercising or eating. I couldn’t get my fasting number down no matter what I tried so I had to take meds for the rest of my pregnancy. Hopefully this wont be you but if it is, do not blame yourself!! Also, awesome you get to drink water. I didn’t get to drink any during my 3 hour test. yuck.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Slept pretty well last night, but still so tired this morning.
    Rave: Pinky rings, more people should wear them.

  • Rave/Rant: Last week at the current job, so there is a lot to do… but also a lot to look forward to!
    Rave: Great dinner with lots of friends planned tonight.

  • Andie302

    Rave/rant: My mental health is better than it has been in awhile. I have more energy, I’m more engaged in work and my social life, and all of that is great…It just annoys the piss out of me that I cannot consistently have things be okay without medical assistance. I am resigned to dealing with this my whole life, but what a pain in the arse. I’m terrible at taking a pill daily (thank goodness for IUD’s – another topic entirely), and I can immediately tell when I’ve accidentally forgotten a dosage. It feels great to have more energy, but I’m really wishing this was something that would happen naturally. Next up – shed some pounds now that my energy level is back up. Ugh

    • Happy to hear you are doing well and have more energy! Don’t beat yourself up for forgetting a pill (I have a “pill planner”-type box with 4 slots for each part of the day, and multiple alarms set, and I STILL occasionally forget a pill here and there!) now and then, and don’t feel bad that it’s not happening “naturally” – people’s bodies go haywire and/or are hardwired to be prone to certain things, good and bad, and you’re simply treating your mental health in the manner that works best for you and your body right now! Keep on doing what’s best for you, and good luck with your exercise/weight loss program!

    • I’m with you 100%. It’s frustrating to know that I need to take a pill 2x a day in order to be a functioning human. If I only remember one pill, I barely function. If I forgot both pills, I don’t get out of bed. At least it’s a delayed affect for me, so I need to forget for a few days to actually feel a difference a few more days later. It’s so conflicting…on one hand, I feel grateful that there is something that makes me feel better and function, on the other hand, I wish it wasn’t a part of my life. So, I get it. I’m sorry you have to deal with it, but it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one with these thoughts.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Went to Smoked & Stacked for the first time yesterday. Was very disappointed that they were out of their renowned pastrami but the smoked chicken sandwich I had was delicious.
    Rave: It’s candy corn season!
    Rant: I’m a my peak weight. Must get back to working out…soon…maybe tomorrow. Or Friday.

  • Rave: nice, chill weekend. Got a lot done around the house and finally watched the new Ghost Busters movie, which was awesome. I have such a crush on Kate McKinnon.
    Rant: Next door neighbors place a Trump/Pence sign on the their lawn. I was literally speechless when I came out of the house Sunday morning and saw it. Our little cul-de-sac is quite diverse, including two families headed by a same-sex couple, a Latino family, two Asian families, one black family, and then us – the liberal super-blended family from DC. This neighbor is the complete ‘Get off my lawn’ type who has previously called the cops on my kids for playing basketball in their own driveway, so I’m not terribly surprised. But it strikes me as odd that anyone would happily announce to their neighbors “I support a bigoted, racist, misogynist!” with a silly lawn sign. The kids were not amused when they saw it.
    Double Rant: My parents were up for a brief visit and to bring the kids home, and my dad decided that it was an awesome opportunity to announce he was voting for Trump because Hillary is a “crook who belongs in prison” and then challenged me to look him in the face and tell me I didn’t agree with that statement. He absolutely, 100% knows my political stance, he knows that I fully support HRC’s candidacy and have down since before she was the ‘only’ choice, so he was just picking a fight. I was able to shut it down, but it irritated the crap out of me.

  • Rant: wife’s hormonal rages while pregnant. Ho. Ly-sh__t. Like PMS from the seventh level of hell. I try to be as loving, supportive, and tight-lipped as possible, but it’s hard not to take things personally when she goes from 0-100 in 5 seconds, letting you know of everything in the last few months you’ve messed up, done or not done, etc. Some of the criticisms are fair, some utterly unfair, but none are so bad that they warrant such an enraged reaction. Can’t respond or engage or have a real back-and-forth conversation (that only makes things worse), just have to sit there, and take it (at least until my silence itself becomes another reason to complain about me). Ugh, I know it’s not her fault, it’s temporary, and I need to suck it up, but I can’t take much more of this. We have our hands full working full-time raising a toddler, and it’s not like I have a lot mental or physical bandwidth myself.

    • wonder if you could talk to her about it when she is not in rage mode…? whether it’s hormones or not, nobody has the right to make a person, spouse or not feel that way. :-/

    • My wife went through this for a year after giving birth. I think it was a form of postpartum depression that refer to as postpartum rage. It slowly improved until she was more or less back to normal by kindergarten. The first year was definitely the worst though. Very trying times indeed.

    • I once rented a room from a couple who was in the early stages of pregnancy. I was only there for 3 months – how bad could it be? Then I was told stories about the (expecting) mother sneaking cases of LSD-laden water bottles across the border for a living, trimming buds during the summer, tripping for weeks straight. And then a month or so in, the hormones kicked in and I can’t even begin to describe the utterly irrational mood swings/etc. that resulted. I could always escape the situation by going into my room or going out for a drink, but the poor, poor father… he was an absolute saint throughout, but I could tell the torment he had to swallow.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: forgot that Red Mass was yesterday at St. Matthews so instead of the going to church went on a bike ride instead. The higher powers must not have been amused because there were a bunch of cars out for me yesterday (taxi cab driving the wrong way on a one way, SUV trying to merge into the exact spot I was occupying, etc.). Didn’t get into any car accidents but did have an accident when I was trying to get on the bike after I arrived home. My shorts caught on the back of the bike seat and well…that was a little painful.
    Rave: still in one piece and so is car…but it’s still early in the week.

  • justinbc

    Rave: I love the continuation of bringing in so many new vendors at Crafty Bastards every year (while still keeping a few awesome staples). I splurged on some items I had been wanting for years this time around, and found a couple new favorite booths to lust over for the future. I wonder how feasible it would be if there were a Union Market / Union Kitchen style warehouse or base of operations for these craftspeople to sell out of every day? It’s hard to gauge how many of them do it full-time versus hobby level, and whether the overhead would cover their margins (given that some of the goods are pretty marked up at these fairs).

    • We can’t let this happen. No fucking way. (And I don’t even use metro parking, but…. NO.) DC is currently loaded – why not sell them these rights if WMATA is so hard-up for funding?

  • Rant: Mice. I guess that’s what you get in a basement apartment. I feel like our back laundry area is a scene from MouseHunt (Yes, the 1997 movie starring Nathan Lane)
    Revel: I’ve meditated for 10 minutes a day 14 days straight and it really is changing my life (check out the app Headspace, it really helps)
    Rant: The job is a dead-end, but good money. Hard to move and hard to complain- but not where I want to be.
    Revel: I have a job and it is not terrible.
    Rant: People coming to visit and asking to stay with us. Again, we live in a basement apartment with drapes for a door. Why do people even ask?

    • I just downloaded Headspace last night and look forward to trying it out. We have also had two mouse sightings in the last week and people staying with us drives me nuts, so I definitely get how you feel on both fronts!

    • I haven’t even thought of that movie in so long! I used to love it.

  • Back from my honeymoon. The wedding was such a blur, didn’t eat food, we didn’t have cake, but it sounds like everyone had a great time. The day was such a blur that I felt like I had an out of body experience. I was physically there, but didn’t feel like it if that makes sense. Honeymoon was great, and OMG…if you guys ever go to Greece, please do yourself a favor and head over to Santorini. It was magical, the views were breathtaking…6 course breakfast at the hotel we stayed at. Just an unbelievable time and glad to be back.

  • Rant/rave: Slept most of the weekend. I guess I must’ve needed it… but as a result I didn’t get much done.
    Rant: Failed to make it to Target last week while 12-packs of my preferred brand of soda were on sale there.
    Rave: Spied a forgotten can of soda in the very back of my fridge this morning.

  • Giant fcking rant: the other members of my team have taken to sending multiple message group texts all fcking weekend over routine non emergency stuff like when lesson plans will be posted. I’m resentful that I have to be the bad guy and will be perceived as not a team player when I have to tell people to stop texting me.

    • Ugh. I’d hate to have colleagues texting me on my personal phone!

      • Work related group texts are so annoying. If it makes you feel any better, all but one or two people are probably thinking the same thing as you and just aren’t ballsy enough to tell people to knock it off….

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