DC Fire & EMS Video of early morning fire at N. Capital & Bates St, NW

Fortunately no injuries.

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  • This is Douglas owned – no? Either way, looks like the owner is going to be able to claim some insurance money for the vacant property.

    • The next corner down at N Cap and P is a vacant space (although “under construction”) definitely owned by Douglas. I’m not sure about this one. Last time I walked by, Eastern Carry Out was open and operating, though.

      • Douglas owns quite a bit of that side of the street between NY and FL avenues. All blighted or empty.

        • Well, Douglas started demolition and construction on one of them — with no permits. So that’s sitting, too. Doesn’t keep them from becoming supports for huge, ugly, illegal billboards, of course.

  • “N. Capital”?? Seriously?

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