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  • Cleveland Park. Ordway?

  • Cleveland park on ordway

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    3000 Block of Ordway.

  • what’s the story behind this place? It’s a stark contrast to the multi-million dollar mansions throughout that neighborhood.

  • Too funny. I walked by this on Tuesday and thought I should snap a pic and send it in for house of the day.

  • I used to walk by here regularly. I loved it because it doesn’t fit in with the upscale, groomed, nice-but-you-know-they’re-owned-by-assholes other houses. I always termed it “the broken house” because the left half of it seemed to have been ripped off and carted away. (It’s a bit hard to see, but to the left of the first floor windows, that wall is ragged because it’s broken brick, and the driveway leads to a concrete pad.) I’d love to know the story here.

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