Multiple Readers Report Shots Fired (20+) around 14th and Riggs St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth August 10, 2016 at 9:10 pm 45 Comments

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Multiple readers report around 9pm:

“More gun shots in Logan. Heard probably 20 shots fired very quickly — sounded like an automatic or semi-automatic weapon.”

“I can confirm. Heard them too. Very very close to 14th and Riggs.”

“Roughly a dozen cop cars and an ambulance roaming the neighborhood.”

MPD confirms:

“At approximately 855pm tonight, mpd units were called to the area of the 1300 block of Riggs Street NW for several gunshots shots heard. Anyone with information relating to this is encouraged to call 202 727 9099 or email me directly at [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    Are we finally at the point where the police will be stationed on this block 24/7? So many of the same issues I experienced while living at 14th/Riggs in 2013 are still going on today. Clearly something is up with this block, and has been for a while. How hard can it be for Metro to clean it up?

    • DC Magic 8-Ball

      Don’t count on it

    • mdtodc

      I never thought this block was a problem really/ at least compared to some other areas?

      • Local

        Check the history–Riggs along with V street have been hotbeds on 14th street.

      • JohnH

        I’m resisting playing the how long have you lived here card…..and giving you the benefit of the doubt that you don’t live near there……it’s long been a problem. Just not as frequent now.

      • mdtodc

        Well I concede to losing that one I guess.

    • FridayGirl

      +1. I feel like this block has shootings multiple times every summer, and this was actually pretty early in the night, which scares me.

    • UStreeter

      R is the problem street, but that’s half a block away. Lots of cops around but only so much they can do.

      • Tommy

        This all comes from the huge strip of public housing on R. st.

        Amazing that such a huge pocket of crime and violence is steps away from $1m condos and $30 plates of Tapas.

        • DupontDC


        • Anon

          To say nothing about the $3 Cokes! I mean, you can buy them at Giant for pennies on the dollar!

        • JohnH

          I don’t think I’d say it’s amazing. The crime was here decades before the condos and tapas restaurants. I’ve said in other posts….the people that are surprised by this stuff know nothing about where they’re living. There’s a deep history of violent crime on 14th, Columbia Heights, Petworth, Shaw, etc. – it’s the same groups, same blocks, etc.
          I don’t think I’d put blame on R Street public housing solely either. There’s still a lot of problem residents in the housing in-between Riggs and S Street (remember recently a shooting was on S Street in that same block).
          Again, history doesn’t lie.

      • JohnH

        The area between 13th and 14th, Riggs and S St, is a problem one. It’s obviously less dense in population, so it’s not as obvious….but this isn’t people from R Street saying hey it’s nice out, let’s go for a walk here and do this now. May involve some of those people, but there’s some bad apples where this happened too.

    • nobody

      There is a cost to stationary posts. It means 8th & R, 6th & N, and 14th & Harvard don’t get the same attention. It also means that the time it takes to respond to petty vandalism incidents like the one the other reader was complaining about yesterday on Connecticut Ave will balloon from 13 minutes to 30 minutes, because that’s one less officer who can handle those calls.

    • JohnH

      Unfortunately, you can insert a lot of different blocks into your post in the DC area. And the DC police force is not where it needs to be in size. And while crime in “whiter” areas gets more attention, there’s a lot worse/more frequent crime happening in other areas of the city too that you don’t read about .

      • FridayGirl


      • divebar311


        this should have been the first response to this posting.

      • Longfellow

        It’s always interesting to read crime posts. When there are shots fired in Shaw, there are always a dozen posts and people demand a 24/7 MPD presence. When someone is murdered in Brightwood Park, there are a handful of posts saying too bad. Meanwhile, blocks of Good Hope, Alabama, and MLK seem to have had multiple murders this summer and don’t even warrant a post.

        • JohnH

          I totally get police presence when it is a pattern to a degree. Now that two shootings (with a good number of shots each) have happened basically in the same area, there should be a stronger presence. However, to station someone there 24/7 is not necessary. Frequent patrols, sure. I think there should be more frequent patrols in a number of places – I’ve ranted about the 8th/R/Shaw Metro entrance area a lot. When there’s police presence (not necessarily 24/7), it’s been fine. But then it lags off and a shooting, beating, etc. happens.
          I’m not sure what the MPD stance on cameras are. I know the installation on R Street helped some. Quite frankly, I think Metro should have visible high-res cameras like police cameras outside of all Metro stops. I think the “mobile” cameras they sometimes deploy in these situations is a bit shortsighted.

        • stacksp


        • Anon

          @longfellow – I mean, yea, but isn’t that obvious? I doubt much of PoPville’s active readership lives in the areas you mentioned that don’t get too many comments on here. Say Dan started posting about crime in Chicago… sure it’s horrible, but do you expect DC residents to get actively involved in areas where they don’t live?

      • jdegg

        I’d love to know the staffing levels in various precincts. Does the precinct including Van Ness get the some number of cops per capita as the precinct covering Kennedy Street, or 14th and Riggs?

    • P. Lecheval

      I think we’re getting to the point in DC where the income gap is so wide and you have million dollar condos and their high end amenities butted right up against notoriously crime ridden public housing, that you’re going to start seeing things look like they do in the fancier touristy parts of cities in developing nations. Police with machine guns on the corner.

      • stacksp

        Thats exactly what you have. All the new development has been infused in with what was there before

      • JohnH

        The first half of your post is correct. However, crime is NOT out of control or on crazy levels so I think your notion of having police with machine guns on the corner is a bit dramatic (which hardly even occurs in national security hot spots of DC).

      • Anon

        Simmer down horsie. Have you been to Brazil/Russia/etc. recently? We’re nowhere close to that level.

    • stacksp

      14th and R is the crew on this end of 14th st. The “crews” or “strips” never seem to change, just the people. Easily 20+ crews between 14th and R and “3500” which is up near Parkwoood and Spring Rd

      • I Dont Get It

        Just curious where you get your facts?

        • stacksp

          Living in the DC area for all 36 years of my life.

          • eva

            Also, you don’t see it as much as you used too, but these crews used to tag their little territories pretty heavily. That’s how I learned about the local crews in my neighborhood(s) when I first moved to DC.

        • andy2

          They meet at the Crew Club down 14th and share information about the crews in the neighborhood.

          • I Dont Get It

            And J Crew opens soon on 14th St!

          • jaybird

            which always leads to some banging

      • JohnH

        While these people could be involved (and maybe they are a part of the same group), these are problems in the Frontier complex which has had issues for years (as mentioned below).

        • stacksp

          Yeah I do not know who is at fault just noting the territory

  • DC anon

    It’s pretty obvious where the shots came from and everyone in the hood knows it. The Frontier complex has a lot of troubled teens. They were the ones either last year or the year before with Wed 9pm shots being fired, and last Saturday’s 7-8 shots at midnight on S St (since the complex has two entrances S St, and Riggs St) These people were babies when I moved into the neighborhood 16 years ago.

  • jaybird

    I don’t think either Frontier or R St are public housing.

  • Longfellow Resident

    We need to reform the criminal code so that possession of an illegal firearm is treated as a violent crime. Because it is treated as a non-violent crime, those arrested with illegal guns are too often back on the streets within 24-48 hours of being arrested. That is way too soon and the light penalties mean that the threat of punishment is not an effective deterrent. To her credit, the mayor has been trying to enact stiffer criminal penalties, but our council is way too liberal when it comes to crimes like illegal gun possession.

    • Anon

      Completely agree with everything you said.

    • anon

      lol at the assertion that the Council is too liberal for a gun control measure. I don’t know if there’s any accuracy to what you’re saying about penalties being soft for gun possession, except that I was once almost on a jury for a gun possession charge and they told us the maximum penalty was something like ten years. I don’t know how it turned out since I wasn’t ultimately selected.

      • 14th

        The crack dealer on my corner of 14th who assaulted a police officer while reaching for a loaded gun got let right back out by a DC jury. In my experience, there are typically one or two “he didn’t mean to” citizens on every jury that coddle and enable our violent criminals, because they remind them of their grandsons or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    I bet some folks at Cork saw what happened

    • jaybird

      I bet they were trying to figure out how to pronounce viognier.


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