Prayers for Paisley Fig Answered – (a wee bit of) Progress!

3221 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

Based on the number of emails I get asking if Paisley Fig is still coming – I’m gonna file this as very good news! They still need to do the build-out but they’ve just posted their liquor license placard. Is succinctly says says:

“Full-Service Restaurant and Bakery”

and hours of operation: “Sunday through Thursday 7 am – 2 am and Friday and Saturday 7 am – 3 am”


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  • I just saw the placard today! Progress!

  • Paisley Pig, i like it.

  • ANC has offered its full support for this venture. Right now they seem to be having a problem with historic preservation, which wants the front of the place to look just like it did in 1950. The entrepreneurs want to move the front door to optimize the use of the interior space. IMHO that qualifies under “adaptation to current use”.

    • They didn’t have a problem with the frontage renovation a few years ago?

      • DCJack – is there a way that neighbors can organize to show our support of this change with the historic preservation folks? I know we are all eager to have this space returned to a productive use, instead of continuing to be vacant. Historic preservation is great, but their concern about the door seems overly restrictive.

  • So I guess they will have a bar? I cant imagine food being served at 1 am. It doesnt seem like this place had the space for all that but I havent ever been inside so I dont have a great grasp of the dimensions.

    • Bigger than you think by a lot

    • It’s HUGE. I once went to the bathroom in back and was shocked how deep the building went. It basically spans that whole alley.

    • The kitchen is bigger than the front of the house, and when it was Heller’s, was seriously under-used. They needed less than a third of the kitchen space they had.

      • They’re pulling the dining space well into what was Heller’s kitchen and reducing the production side. Yes, I’ve seen plans. 🙂

  • “Historic preservation” like the hideous and forboding metal grates on the various windows and doors in Mt Pleasant Street? Where are these nincompoops on that?

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