Curse of the Blue Banana Broken – Walters Turns One Tonight – Party at the Moontower with $1 Beer and Whiskey!

3632 Georgia Avenue, NW

From an email:

“We will be celebrating tonight from 5-7 with folks from Alagash Brewing and Calvert Brewing company and running specials like…

$1 Beer and Lite Beer 5-7pm
$1 JP Wiser Whisky 5-7pm

All Star Game afterwords

We will also be live streaming the west coast Phish show Saturday night in extended birthday party fun.”

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  • I could tell the first time I went in there that it would be successful. Blue Bannana was a disaster from the beginning. It’s funny because the guys from Ivy & Coney said they wouldn’t open there because Blue Banana failed as a “sports bar.” Bad decision. Congrats Walters!

    • Yeah, Walters is great and fills a niche of just a solid neighborhood sports bar with a good vibe. Blue Banana didn’t fail “as a sports bar,” it just failed as whatever it was trying to be, which was not working.

    • But now they are opening a cool looking beer garden down the street called Midlands

  • Congrats guys! This is awesome news! Streaming Phish shows?!?! This should be SWEEEEEEEEETTTT!!!

  • “afterwords”. so close to a great email. still love the place though, congrats guys!

  • Walter’s is fantastic. Hope they stay for many more years.

  • This made me think of an interesting potential question of the day: what grouping of bars/restaurants is your favorite? These three (Reynolds, Walters, Looking Glass) might be my favorite. I also love the Red Derby/Lymans duo. I’m thinking smaller than a neighborhood (so maybe saying KBC and Meridian Pint would work, but not the whole 11th street strip). Just a thought.

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