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Update: Owner found!

by Prince Of Petworth July 12, 2016 at 12:16 pm 13 Comments

Lost Dog 2

“I found a dog hanging out around 14th and Crittenden St NW yesterday (7/11) around noon. He’s a very sweet terrier/poodle mix that had a collar but no tags and looks recently groomed. I have registered him with the Humane Society and put out signs and posts on social media but no leads yet. I went to the vet with him this morning and he does have a chip, but it is not registered.

Please contact 240-377-1323.”

  • That One Guy

    His name is Falcor and calls The Never Ending Story his home.
    *sorry, I couldn’t resist*
    I hope he finds his human parents.

  • I will take him if he is not claimed. No, seriously. He would be in excellent hands but I hope he finds his parents. Looks like a sweet guy.

  • KG

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!!

  • SaraEP

    oh my god what a little babe. such a happy face! i’ll keep an eye out for any signs looking for him.

  • WeensWorld

    He was just reunited with his owner!!! Much thanks for spreading the word.


  • dc girl

    To all the dog’s humans out there–please look into buying a Tile App. It is a little square GPS tracking device and you attach it to things — it has a ring hole for attaching to your key ring, or your dog collar or if anyone in your family has dementia have them wear it as a necklace for sundowning (a thing where they want to wander off generally when the sun starts going down.) It is $25 and I think $4 for the app. Any time your keys or dog or wallet goes missing, just tap the app and it will pull up a map and show you exactly where that item is. Super cool and I think it would save a lot of dog humans a lot of anxiety and needless searching time. Just a suggestion. https://www.thetileapp.com/?opt=SEM&gclid=CLPdltnM7s0CFYQfhgodHMQMVA&gclsrc=aw.ds

    • navyard

      I never heard the term “sundowning” used in this way. This is what I’ve called drinks at sunset (Sundowners) for years!. Please don’t take away my happy time.

    • hm, no. looks like its just bluetooth so unless the dog is within 100-ft you’re out of luck. unless there is another model i’m not seeing that has a GPS that doesnt rely on bluetooth

      • anon

        Correct. If another Tile user who has agreed to the default settings to help find other people’s stuff is within 100 feet, you’ll get another data point on location, but this is hardly a real-time GPS feed.
        There’s a company called Whistle that does produce a GPS/activity tracker specifically meant for dogs, but this requires a monthly fee because, obviously, the device depends on a data connection to transmit info from anywhere out in the world.

    • flieswithhoney

      I’d also hope that dog owners have their dogs wear collars with contact info (even inside) and update their microchip information, too…

  • Eric

    Doesn’t he belong to Tintin?

  • textdoc

    What a cutie pie! Glad to hear he’s back with his human(s).

  • Mickey’s BFF

    Snowy! Call Tintin.


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