“A parakeet, which is clearly someone’s pet, made it’s way to our playground”


“Dear PoPville,

A parakeet, which is clearly someone’s pet, made it’s way to our playground. We were able to capture it and have it at our school. We’d like to get the word out to folks in the neighborhood.

Christian Family Montessori School
201 Allison St., NW

They can call the school 202-722-1520 and ask for Wendy. We have contacted the humane society and they will pick up at some point today but it didn’t sound like it would be immediately.”

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  • Would the band on her leg reveal any information?

    • We have a number off the band but do not know of any means to track it via that. But it can be used to identify the owner.

      • I get that you’re at work, and I’m sure the Humane Society probably has information with how to track, but I ran across a few “look up tracking” resources at the bottom of this page, “Databases and Registries.” https://www.beautyofbirds.com/legbands.html
        No promises for how useful it is thoug but thought I’d share!

  • They can travel quite a distance (I found one once that had come from 6 or 7 miles away, over the course of three days) so if there’s a Pasha of Palisades or Khan of Kensington or something, you should post there, too! I reunited the one I found with his people via Craigslist.
    That’s a boy, btw. Bright blue nostrils.
    I hope the humane society can get some info from his leg band!

  • Wow, it must be the day for it! I heard this story on the radio this morning:
    Good job catching the little guy! I hope he finds his way home.

  • Oh! There are signs all over Petworth for a missing parakeet named Rayo (pronounced Raw-o and he apparently knows his name). I can’t find anything online, but I definitely saw a sign on the parking meter outside of Qualia.

  • the guy running the Upshur Laundromat on Upshur between 2nd and 3rd has a lot of birds and at one time had some parakeets. could be one of his.

  • Unfortunately it’s not the bird in the Qualia flier. That’s a cockatiel. Appreciate any other leads.

  • I saw this little guy on 8th street this morning, near Randolph. Approached him, but he ably flew away. Hope he gets home!

  • There were flyers posted around the dog park on 17th and S st NW a few months back. I can’t imagine that many parakeets go missing, but then again who knows?

  • This morning I saw a flyer with a picture of two parakeets, a green one and a white one. I forwarded this post to the number listed. Hopefully it’s the right bird! They said the bird was missing around the 18th. If anyone sees a white parakeet, please contact 202-446-7370.

  • hello I’m so happy with God and all the people who helped me find my beautiful parakeet that I wish God with all my heart and to the angel who is name Wendy I am very happy with you for being a nice person who found my green parakeet and for taking care of him. Thank you for taking him too the Washington Animal Rescue league center today when I saw the messages quickly and I went to that place because i was so happy when I saw the picture of my beautiful parakeet on pop ville I said that I reluctant to have him in my arms so I went to that place where their were well treated pets very many thanks for giving my son and my daughter who were worried and very sad but when and I appreciate, I want to get to know you kind of people that help me find my green parakeet I want personally I only miss my white parakeet if other have any information Please by call ing this numbers 202-446-7370 or 202-758-6465. Thanks to God I protect them and bless for all of you who have done the best to have our beautiful parakeet without you it would not be possible to find my parakeet can be to find my great full pet and a lot to Wendy that help me find my happy beautiful parakeet than god I bless all of you Wendy and Thank You MIKE for helping me for giving my information about my flyers that I put in Rock Creek Church Rd Nw and 7th . Just to let every one know that my parakeet name is kiwi .

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