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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Last brutal week of off-season training and my body is destroyed. Everything hurts. I have to stand to the right on the Metro escalators like a tourist because my legs hate stairs.
    Rave: I am a colossus!. Maybe. We’ll see when testing starts in two weeks.
    Question: Like everyone else in Washington, I’m hoping to bag work early and eat outside. Trying to remember spots with rooftop dining (as opposed to stand-up drinking — we’ll do Ivy and Coney another day) or maybe a new outdoor cafe, but am drawing a blank. Looking to stay in NW. Thanks.

  • Rave: Just a quick Thank you to Popville (Dan) for putting up with us commenters every day for all these years! Eesh, we can be a bickering bunch at times but Dan manages to referee it fairly and without losing his s**t. Thanks Dan for keeping us informed and giving us a place to vent, even if we do sometimes take advantage of it!

  • rant: this week has crawled by

    rave: THIS WEATHER.

    rant: i wish there were food trucks here at work in college park.

    rave: off all next week and attending/playing SXSW for the first time.

    • I am so jealous of your last rave. I have been trying to figure out a way to get to SXSW this year. I was hoping I could find a logical reason for my company to send me there. Alas, no luck. I’ll be following on social media wishing I was there.

      • yea it was a couple last minute gigs i scored, otherwise i was going to wait til next year. hotels downtown are like 6-800/night. no thank you. staying a couple miles outside of downtown for less than a 1/3 of that. pretty excited

  • Congrats? Dan on the City Paper story.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: God, is it still only Thursday? Despite the glorious weather, this week has pretty much wrecked me.
    Rant: Parent meeting tonight for Middle Zelda’s spring break trip, at which MoCo’s worst Type-A, helicopter parenting will be displayed. I don’t know if I can handle it. I almost rolled my eyes right out of their sockets at the last one.

    • Ooh please elaborate on the crazy parents. Where is the trip to and why are they all so worked up?

      • Quotia Zelda

        It’s a trip to Europe (one of those 2-days-per-country tours), and the parents are so nuts about wanting every single detail spelled out. What is your plan if my child gets sick? How will you guarantee my child eats enough? You’ll hold on to their passports so they don’t lose them, right?
        These kids are all 16-17, so they are fully able to take responsibility for themselves.

        • I went to Europe on my own for the first time at 17… Kids these days.

        • houseintherear

          Wow! I was put on a plane at 15 1/2, had to transfer AIRPORTS in London, and spent 3 weeks in France bouncing from place to place, mostly traveling alone. Before cell phones, ya’ll! Sad for those kids with the helicopter parents. πŸ™

  • Rave?Rant? I’m not sure how I feel about 80+ degree temps in March. I kind of like it, but I’m not quite ready to break out the warm-weather gear.
    Rant: Antiobiotics are making me so nauseous. I get these waves of hunger but I can’t seem to stomach anything much within 4 hours of taking the cipro…But worse is that I don’t seem to be losing any weight! C’mon, universe! If I’m not going to eat, could I at least lose some lbs?!
    Rave: No kidney stones! Ultrasound was clear for anything gnarly.
    Rant: So then why am I sick?

    • Quotia Zelda

      Ugh, Cipro was the worst. The time I took it, I decided I’d rather have the infection.

    • ugh. Cipro is the worst. I’m sorry about your nausea πŸ™ does eating before taking the medicine give you any relief?

    • Agreed with everyone – Cipro is the worse. Antibiotics never agree with my stomach, but I do find that ginger snaps help along with peppermint tea (emphasis on the *help*). Also, I have found that drinking a yogurt drink such a Kefir helps to keep my good gut bacteria up while on them.
      As for the kidneys… could this be a side effect of one of the meds (or combination of) you are on? Might not be a bad idea to brainstorm with the boss or one of them to see if they have any thoughts? Then again, every time I get a kidney infection it’s because my booze intake has crept up on me, could it be that?

      • Yeah, I might go on a mission for gingerale and /or gingersnaps…The warning labels on the cipro says not to take it within 3 hours of any dairy products, so I have a probiotic pill i’m going to pop around lunchtime, see if that helps keep my gut intact. I did mention to my PCP my concern that what if it’s a side effect of the meds I’m on, but she seemed to think at the dosages / types I’m taking, it’s highly unlikely. Plus, my labwork came back this morning saying my kidney function is fine, so …? And booze – had actually been cutting back, have lately only been having about 1 to 2 drinks per week, if that, in attempt at cutting calories + lack of interest, really. So I’m stumped.

        • Hmm. Well, there could be no real reason. Idiopathic symptoms/infections do occur from time to time and they effing suck (this is coming from the girl with the diagnosis of idiopathic anaphylaxis). Especially for our types who are used to having reasons for medical issues. If it’s a one off, it’s no big deal. If you get another one I would go for a neurology visit.
          Is your PCP pretty up on your condition and meds? We had some issues with Middle Anonachild’s PCP (who was a resident so not putting too much into it) trying to stick their nose into her specialist care recently (concerned about meds) and I had to have a little education session with her. Sometimes PCPs don’t really have a good, full understanding of things, ya know?

          • Yeah, I’m going to email my specialist team and fill them in, see if they have anything to say or any additional test they think I should do, but I suppose it’s always possible it’s idiopathic (as much as I hate that word because EVERYTHING has to have a cause!)

    • That One Guy

      Ask for some Zofran? I don’t know if that would help.

  • Rave: Rockstar mom moment last night–got both kids home, fed dinner, older one bathed, and both to bed by myself. Bedtime was even on time! I know some do this all the time and have a routine for it, but this is the first time I’ve needed to since returning to work. Woot!
    Rant: Waking up 45 minutes before the alarm.
    Rant: Cats knocking things around before it’s time to get up.
    Rave: Feeling reasonably prepared for being out Friday evening and out of town most of the weekend. Whew!
    Rave: Looking forward to the Philly flower show–National Parks’ 100 year birthday is the theme & it should be really neat!

  • Rant: My 3 Shih Tzus plotted a way for me to spend my birthday with them. They rolled a container of tar (my father left it in my yard because he was going to do a project) and managed to open it. I’m now removing tar from their long hair with coconut oil. I could try clipping their hair but I don’t know if the blades will make it difficult.

  • Somewhat urgent toilet-troubleshooting query for HaileUnlikely, That One Guy, and others:
    I established last week that the flapper was probably not the problem with my slow-leak toilet. So, I figured I’d drain the tank, try replacing the gasket thing between the tank and the bowl, and see what happened.
    I let all the water drain out of the tank and was trying to sop up the rest with an old hand towel. I’d gotten almost all of the water gone… and the next time I went to check the tank and wring out the towel, there was more water than there had been before.
    I have the water turned off at the wall (and it’s been turned off for days). Help!! What is going wrong here? Is there something wrong with the flush valve thing? (Or whatever the name is for the pump that brings in the water from the water line?)

    • It sounds like your valve at the wall isn’t turning the water all the way off. If the water is really off, there shouldn’t be anything going into the tank.

    • That One Guy

      I agree with Kenyon.

      Also, while changing the gasket between the tank and bowl did you upgrade the tank hardware?

      • I haven’t actually changed anything yet; I was waiting to get all the water out of the tank.
        I should have started this whole process earlier — am now under the gun to finish before I head out of town. (I won’t need to use the toilet while I’m gone, obviously, but catsitters/houseguest will.)

      • That ONe Guy — I bought a whole bunch of individual replacement items, plus a kit for replacing everything. (I figured I’d return whatever I didn’t use.)

    • HaileUnlikely

      The flush valve could have had a small amount of water (perhaps a couple tablespoons worth, max) inside of it, which could have leaked out when the bottom of the flush valve was no longer immersed now that you’ve emptied the tank. If you just mean a little bit of water, I would assume it was this and would not worry, and would just proceed with the plan. If the tank basically refilled itself, it would appear that the shutoff valve at the wall is not closing all the way, and I’d really want to do something about that before taking the flush valve off of the tank (I’d take the flush valve out just to give myself more room to work when replacing the gasket.) If you want to replace the flush valve while you’re at it, it shouldn’t cost more than $10-$12 for a new one.

      • It wasn’t that much water — not enough to get above the level where the flapper (if open) would drain it — but enough to be annoying, given that my goal was to get the whole area dry in order to look at/replace the gasket (?) between tank and bowl.
        I think there’s a separate flush valve among the ten or so different replacement parts/combinations I bought. So I suppose the question is if I can figure out how to install it along with everything else I need to do before I leave.

  • Rant: Supposed to be on a call but terrible sound issues means I’ve had to abandon it.
    Rave: More time for actual work.
    Rave: Great colleagues – had a bunch of people rally to get a meaningful gift to a colleague who is heading into a rough couple of weeks and then headed out with some cool co-workers for drinks in the awesome weather yesterday.
    Rant: No co-workers in NYC.
    Rave: But at least I can actually get work done now. And I get to work with a window open!!

  • Quick question – would a quarter plan for the Nats be worth it? When we go, we typically stand at the Red Porch and get away with paying around $15 per ticket. I’d like to try to get to more Nats games this season and we live a couple blocks from the stadium…if I could get the “most Fridays” plan, I think I’d go for it but the cheapest is still $420/seat for the 21 games. Worth it?

    • binntp

      How many games do you go to in a normal season? I split season tickets with a small group and get about 12 games each season, which is a nice 2x month outing. I’m a big fan, but many more games would feel like a chore to attend (especially when it’s hot and if your seats are in direct sunlight/day games). But if you’d otherwise be spending that amount on spur-of-the-moment tickets, I’d say go for it. Might be worth trying for one season.

      • I think we could commit to 21 games, and I think you’re right about trying for one season. If it doesn’t work, we know for next year.

    • If you can commit to all those games, maybe. However, when we lived over there we would check tickets the day of and decide to go if they were cheap. Say Wednesday morning and we snatched up decent tickets for 8 bucks a piece a lot of the time! It was nice too because we could decide to go last minute, no pressure.

    • jim_ed

      We had a quarter season plan the first year the park was open, and we enjoyed it, but we let it go after one year since the team was terrible and we could buy heavily discounted tickets for much cheaper. I think it’s more valuable now that the team is good, and you can probably cash out some of the premium games like opening day, 4th of July, when the Cubs are in town, etc if you want to help defray the costs. It’s got small perks like the season ticket express line for entrance, usually your choice of leftover swag at the end of the season, and the occasional player meet and greet. If I still lived down there and/or didn’t have a small child, I’d definitely consider doing it again.

    • saf

      We have one and have found it worth it.

  • Rant: Day 2 of serious back pain that just doesn’t seem to want to let up at all. Tylenol is the strongest medicine I’m allowed to take at the moment and it’s not helping.
    Rave: I just discovered that I have all the ingredients to make an apple walnut coffee cake.
    Rave: Drinks outside with the other Mrs. Rabbit yesterday (and I use the term drinks loosely… white wine for her and flavored seltzer water for me). Crossing my fingers that she’s home early tonight so we can have another round.
    Rant: Early morning appointments scheduled for both tomorrow and Saturday. I’m just not that much of a morning person.

    • Yuck on the morning appointments. Those monitoring appointments are rough! I was so glad to get lucky that in-home DIY monitoring worked the second time around. Find something to treat yourself with afterwards? Delicious brunch or morning treat of some kind?

  • Rave: Great phone interview yesterday; they asked me in for a face to face at the end of the call.
    Rant: They would want me to start sooner than I want to leave my current gig. I know I have to look out for myself, but I don’t want to leave colleagues/programs in the lurch.

    • If you can give to weeks notice, do. There’s usually no reason to stay beyond, no matter how much they could use you. Speaking of one who has felt that way myself many times – best to get over it. 2 weeks is professional enough.

  • Rave: This weather! Yesterday on the way home from school, Littlest Anonachild was engaging in one of his favorite activities – rolling the windows down and shouting “Hello!/Hola!” to people on the street. So if you saw a blonde boy in a Jetta shouting hello yesterday on Georgia Ave between Petworth and Brightwood, that was him! Please say hello or wave back, he loves that.
    Rant: I really don’t think the new person is going to work out. Less than three weeks on the job and has called out multiple times, been late almost every day, and was already saying yesterday that we should be able to telework at least two days a week (completely unreasonable for us) because getting up for work in the morning is just too hard. The work ethic is just not there.

    • i cannot fathom ever uttering the words that our office, though feasible, should be able to telework regularly BECAUSE GETTING OUT OF BED IS TOO DIFFICULT. while I occasionally worked from bed during my one year stint as a full time remote employee, it wasn’t an expectation and I still had to wake up and be functional for, you know, WORK.
      tl; dr: sorry about the newbie; he/she sounds awful and should be let go. immediately.

      • Wow, he sounds awful but he also sounds like he might have a real mental health issue that he should work on someone with….

        • Nope, definitely no mental health issues. I think the person just does not actually want a full-time job.

      • I can’t, either. Seriously, this is something you say out loud to coworkers??? Especially when you’re new?

    • Quotia Zelda

      Ha, that kid is awesome. He reminds me a lot of Middle Zelda. When she was maybe 8, we went to Mystic Seaport, and at the end we were sitting by the exit waiting for my MIL to finish in the gift shop. Middle Zelda spent the whole time talking to the people who were leaving: “Goodbye! Thanks for coming! We hope you enjoyed it!”

  • Rave: I biked to work this morning! On a very heavy Bikeshare bike, but I did it! It actually wasn’t that bad, my route kept me in the bike lanes most of the time, and I only got turned around twice. I made good time. Maybe shouldn’t have kept my jacket on for the ride, I was roasting at one point.

    Rant: I have a knot in my neck. I’m trying to relieve it with my PT exercises and it’s not helping. I may have to get a massage.

    • Yay for biking to work! Way to go. You should make sure to sign up for Bike to Work day so you can join in the fun!

      • Its on my radar! Weirdly enough I’ve either been out of town or had the day off every Bike to Work day in recent times. Last year I biked partially to work. This year it happens the weekend I want to go to the beach.

    • Congrats on the biking achievement!

  • Rave: Offered an interview for a job I could keep after my current work/school program ends.
    Rant: Terrible migraine appeared out of nowhere this morning so I think said interview will have to be scheduled for early next week instead of tomorrow (both were offered).
    Rave: Feeling sort of on even footing today in all areas of life? Even if trying to finish school is still a little overwhelming.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: want paying attention and fell off the curb into traffic. I’m turning into my mother.
    Rave: traffic didn’t hit me, I didn’t shatter my thumb, and a nice man came and made sure I was ok.

  • palisades

    Rave: Was anyone at Maketto last night for the Koreatown thing? the GF and I had a great time. Drinks were flowing, the food was great. The lines for food were super slow for the first hour but it thinned out by 9 and we were able to get to-go containers and just chill for a couple hours. Totally worth it.

  • Rant – Annoying micromanaging boss is being EXTRA annoying today.
    Rave – My dog is really enjoying the warm weather! During our walks she’ll occasionally stop to roll around in some grass and sit for a minute in the sun.

  • Bear

    Rant: Allergies. I’ve been sneezing my face off the last couple of days.
    Rave: Grilling weather is here! Had a great dinner last night, so nice to be outside…except for allergy issues mentioned above.

  • Rant: I didn’t even think to read the parking signs around the corner from my house last night because I had no idea GA Ave had different street sweeping times than all of the residential streets. I guess it makes sense, but when I went to move my car for Monday’s street cleaning (I’m out of town) I had a ticket for yesterday’s overnight street cleaning. Oh well. It’s my fault.
    Rave: boss sent me an email to say he thought I lead my meeting this morning really well and authoritatively. Cool, I’m super not senior compared to everyone in it, so hearing that makes me happy.
    Rave: leaving for beach vacation in 30 minutes!
    Rant: my dogs loves my dog sitter more than he loves me. Like, a lot.
    Rave: Miike Snow was great last night.

  • RANT: Those awful guitar lesson bumper stickers that pop up on lamppost bases citywide.

    • Ditto on the stickers and all of the other crap (event posters, etc.) that gets put on lamppost bases and on traffic-signal boxes.
      You can report them via 311 (category: “Illegal Posters”).

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