Streetcar Rides

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

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Photo by PoPville flickr user ambyrglow

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kristine Marsh

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  • Emmaleigh504

    Cute little Chester in a street car outfit.

  • Love the costume!

    Also read in today’s paper that smartrip won’t work on the streetcars and you’ll have to buy tickets at the kiosks? Is that true? If so, I’m annoyed…

    • that can’t possibly be right. no smartrip??

      • no smartrip.
        Apparently it would cost 3M to install so it doesn’t make sense. That seems impossible since its on DC buses, but leave it to bowser to make the impossible possible.

        • It’s amazing that they can’t even have fixed kiosks were you can buy your ticket using smartrip.

        • Seriously? It’s on the circulators too. You can’t even use smarttrip at the kiosk things? I swear every opportunity Bowser had to make the streetcar less useful, she took. Still totally miffed by the lack of Sunday service, btw

          • WTF, just scrap the system and create a circulator route to Georgetown via Gallery Place. It would run faster, be more useful, and apparently be compatible with smart cart.

      • Last I heard, they’re holding out for the next generation of SmarTrip to be rolled out on Metro. The current technology is antiquated and poorly supported.

    • that’s correct. It will be like trams in Europe with an honor system. Cars will be surprise checked by a crew of officials for paid tickets, those without one will be fined….

      • I always wondered how that worked. How do they know who you are? What if you don’t show them your id?

        • they literally just ask people randomly to show them a validated ticket that shows the time of purchase. They are pretty strict about it in some cities. Who knows how often they will actually do this here.

          • I went to grad school in Moscow in the 90s, you did not want to mess with the transit cops checking for your ticket. I’ve seen them straight up chuck people off of trams.

          • My mom and sister didn’t know they had to get their tickets validated first and got caught by the police, who marched them to an ATM and forced them to take out money to pay the fine (in Italy).

        • In Switzerland, they just use your ID to give you a ticket and put you in the system as an offender. The fines get higher with every offense. The checks are completely random and sometimes the agents are unmarked.

      • I have been kicked off a few trams in Europe. Never fined. That would stop the whole tram.

        • I’ve been fined, as have my friends (after having our wallets stolen and losing our monthly tram passes). You pay the cash immediately, or else you’re kicked off.

          • Don’t think this would work here. Getting kicked off the streetcar wouldn’t be a big deal, as you are likely to beat the streetcar to your destination on foot.

      • The San Diego Trolley works like this as well. I think I got checked once in over five years of living there, but there is no mercy if you violate the honor system. Very stiff fine.

      • You don’t even have to go that far from home to find a transit system that works that way. Baltimore light rail has that sort of system.

  • someone’s parent has too much time on her hands…

    • Actually, it was his Halloween costume. He’s a big fan of the streetcar and has been excited about it for ages. (They are friends of ours.)

      Seems like you’ve got too much time on your hands if you’re posting such judgmental comments.

    • Seriously, what a waste of time, to make a fun, creative Halloween costume for your child which represents something that they adore. Gee, can’t that parent think of a better way to show their love for their child?

      • Take them to bars in Petworth? 😉

      • I adore homemade costumes and they seem to be increasingly more rare (out of the 1000 or so trick or treaters I get every year maybe one or two costumes look homemade). But let’s be honest– they’re more for the adults’ enjoyment than the kid’s. 🙂

    • It comes in the Little Libertarians Starter Kit. You can buy it from the Cato Institute’s gift shop for only $29.99

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